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Sells - Goalkeepers Glove Axis 360 III Guard Exosphere
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Sells - Goalkeepers Glove Axis 360 III Guard Exosphere

Product no.: 105025

Sells Axis 360 Guard Exosphere is a real top glove, which has been developed in Germany. It is great in all kinds of weather, while also still protecting your fingers with Sells Guard (Fingersave). System.

Axis 360 Guard Exosphere is made from a single piece of latex, from the backhand to the palm. (Surround cut) It therefore doesn't have the well known stitches on the outside of the glove. This gives a more comfortable fit, which many will appreciate.

The material used is Adhesion Ultra latex, which Sells say is their best ever. It is 4 mm thick and excels at being viable in all weather conditions.

In the fingers it has Sells Guard system (Fingersave), which ensures your fingers don't bend backwards unnecessarily. The system is even detachable, so you can decide whether you want it or not. Sells Zorba Zone gives the glove optimised protection when punching the ball.

In the backhand of the glove it has the Outlast material, which is also used by NASA, when they make their spacesuits and want them to be ventilating and keep the astronauts at a nice temperature.

The Bioflex-zones on the glove gives flexibility and lets it follow your hands natural movements. The backhand follows the hands shape and therefore gives a fantastic fit.

Liverpool's Simon Mignolet is a avid wearer of the Sells Axis 360 Guard Exosphere.

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