It's blue – what else matters? Chelsea and Adidas have set off a teaser campaign leading up to the launch of the London club's new home shirt – and they have done so with a video that shows the passion that the players have for the blue shirt.

A lot of football fans love their club so much, that they are prepared to buy the team's new shirt already before having seen it – and Adidas have found out, that this is very much the case with Chelsea fans.

Therefore, they have made a video that is urging all fans to buy the shirt, even before they have seen it. The club's players are not afraid to show off the colours, and with Adidas' latest teaser video, Terry, Mata, Cahill and Luiz go as far as to let themselves get soaked in blue paint to show their dedication to the blue colour.

Are you a big Chelsea fan? And are you prepared to buy the new shirt before you have even seen it? Then you can pre-order it right here – just €70.

With the teaser campaign leading up to the launch of Chelsea's new shirt, Adidas present a funny twist to a regular shirt launch – understanding that the hardcore fans want to wear the shirt as long as it has the right colour. It's blue – what else matters? What do you think of the video, and will you join Terry, Cahill and Mata in the blue colours already before the shirt is launched? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.