If you thought the Nike Mercurial Vapor XV R9 was a limited boot with just 1998 pairs worldwide, you would be wrong. Nike now follow that boot up, with the even more exclusive Mercurial XV R9 Chrome, which there will only be produced 15 pairs of and we have been lucky enough to get our hands on them.

With just 15 pairs floating around the world, you might be wondering who are the lucky owners of these boots. The first pair was naturally given to O Fenomeno himself, which is only fair, seeing as though it is technically made for him. Afterwards three boots where given to the most dedicated Mercurial-fans (AlbashGulak, Heruchris & Nedoz9), who Nike found through Twitter. We just cross our fingers that they will showcase them on display, rather than wear them on the football field.

That makes it 4 pairs accounted for and that leaves 11 others. You should however not get your hopes up, as the rest have already been presented to Nikes exclusive friends and that luckily includes us. They will most definitely not be for sale and the closest you can get to them is our photographs, which we hope will sufficiently satisfy your appetite. It is the most limited boot ever and a great collectables item.

We have, as mentioned before, also gotten our hands on a pair and it is the worlds worst kept secret that we are quite enthusiastic when it comes to football boots. Therefore you could imagine the furore it created when this pair landed at Unisport HQ. We love the original Mercurial R9, we love limited boots even more and love boots in chrome the most; so when you combine that, our jaws drop to the floor.

The boot is in essence the same as the Nike Mercurial XV R9 Special Edition, which landed in 1998 pairs worldwide, but there are still a few significant differences. The upper is still made from Teijin-microfibre, but it had been given a finish with Chrome, so it has a more shiny look. The same effect has been given to the underside of the boot and this is where our mouths start to water.

It is without a shadow of doubt one of our times most iconic football boots and then we get to see it in a top modern, chrome limited edition. Does it get any better than that? It is hard to imagine. What do you say to these truly wondrous boots. And what lengths would you go to, to make them yours? Share your comments with us down below and join the debate on Twitter and Facebook.