Puma, Hublot and Falcao have come together to make a very special pair of Puma EvoSPEED, which there will only be produced 100 pairs of worldwide. The only way to get the boot, is when you buy a special edition Hublot-watch, but this does also require a pretty hefty personal economy. What do we mean by that? - Read more here.

We can start off by being perfectly honest. The new Puma X Hublot Special Edition Falcao EvoSPEED is not for you, if you are struggling to make ends meet every month and have to crack open the piggy bank, whenever you need to finance your new football gear. The new, exclusive boot from Puma is far from regular and demands a serious amount of pocket money, as well as a mountain of change to even get close to.

This is however not going to stop us from closing our eyelids and drifting away to dreamland, where we can only hope to ever get our hands on this boot. It has been made in collaboration with Puma, the Swiss watch-giants Hublot and the new Monaco signing Radamel Falcao.

The boot is only available, if you buy the special Falcao-edition Hublot watch. There have only been made 100 pairs of this watch worldwide, where 60 of them are made from Titanium, while the remaining 40 are gold. The titanium watch is available at a comparatively speaking reasonable $17.000, but if that seems a little on the light side, you have to part with $40.000 to get the gold version of the watch – and as an added bonus you will also most probably get a long chat with your local bank advisor.

Should you be so lucky and have a very football loving bank, who let you buy the gold watch, you also get a version of the boot in a Gold/Black colourway. Is your bank less cooperative and have “only” let you buy the Titanium-watch, you get the boot in a matching Titanium/Black colourway. No matter which of the two you buy, you will have to deal with that Falcao has personally signed all 100 boots.

But let us stop worrying about the pounds and quid – and especially the ones we don't have – let us instead mention that this special package has been made with charity in mind. The collaboration between Falcao, Hublot and Puma is made to raise money, so they can improve the quality of life in Falcao's Caribbean hometown, Grand Lagoon, Santa Marta. So on top of getting a sweet new watch and unique football boot, you are also helping support a great cause, what do you have to lose? - Besides $40.000 of course.

Looking at the boot, we can see that it is a out of the ordinary version of the Puma EvoSPEED, where there has been put loads of effort into the small details. For example the inner material of the boot is made with the same luxury leather, as there is used on the strap of Hublots watches. However what you notice first is that the Puma writing on the medial side has been replaced with the iconic Puma-stripe in either Titanium, or Gold – depending on how much money you won in the lottery.

There is no doubt that this is a boot, which would attract plenty of attention on the football pitch, but if you have not inherited millions from your rich uncle, then it would probably be best to just leave it at just dreaming.

What do you think about the new boot? Is it time to start wearing a watch? And will you be picking up the phone with your bank? As always we would love to hear your comments here, on Facebook and on Twitter.