The summer is well underway and has brought a long a ton of new and cool boot launches. This does however leave you with one tricky question; should you go with the classic black boots, or bright flashy colourways? It is a question that has brought on many of headaches, so we hope to help you clear things up with a run through of this summers launches.

Even though we have, until now, had a fairly dry summer with plenty of sun, at least around the Unisportstore HQs; it has still been raining boots. It has been a summer full of boot love, but as much as we would like to, we can't wear them all at once. Once in a while you just have to choose sides. Are you Nitrocharge, Hypervenom, Mercurial or Evospeed, the options are many and when you then take colourways into consideration, the choices can be overwhelming. We have analysed the boot market and boiled it down to one simple question; Black, or colours?

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX ACC Black/White-Atomic Red vs. Vapor IX Bright Citrus/Black-Volt It doesn't matter what colour it is, you can't help but wanting the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX. The newest model of Nike's lightweight boot always looks elegant on the pitch and even though the collection is running on 15 years, it is still as fresh as when Ronaldo wore it in 1998. The boots quality is undeniable and it keeps developing with new technologies to enhance it, like for example the All Conditions Control. ACC makes sure that your touch is as good when playing in wet conditions, as it would otherwise be playing in dry weather. The question remains though; will it be the simplistic and classic version? Or maybe rather the colourful and eye-catching Bright Citrus and Volt colours? Nobody said it would be an easy choice, so now it's up to you.

Do you want your hands on the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX, then you can see much more here.

Nike CTR360 Maestri III Dark Charcoal/White-Black vs. Maestri III Current Blue/Black-Volt The headache isn't relieved, when you have to pick a colour for the Nike CTR360 Maestri III. There is no doubt that you get a boot, which is designed to remain in complete control in all the facets of the game. Nike have definitely not made the choice easy for us, when it comes down to picking colourway. First they unveiled the bright Current Blue/Black-Volt and afterwards the slightly more subdued Black/White-Bright Citrus. Both boots are attracting much affection around the world, but we hope you are having an easy time picking a favourite, because we certainly aren't.

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Nike Hypervenom Phantom Dark Charcoal/Total Crimson vs. Hypervenom Bright Citrus/Black Ohh, you thought things would get easier from now on? Far from it we're afraid. Taking a look at Nike's newest silo, the venomous and unpredictable Nike Hypervenom. The boot was launched in a cool Bright Citrus/Black colourway, which we have already seen players like Neymar and Zlatan Ibrahimovic wearing, but Nike weren't going to make the choice simple. They later launched a Stealth model, which had the colourway Black/Total Crimson. Not that it makes picking one easier, but it is still fortunate that no matter which of the two you pick, you will end up with a brilliant looking boot.

Do you want that element of unpredictability to your game? Find the Hypervenoms here.

Nike Tiempo Legend IV Dark Charcoal/Laser-Black vs. Tiempo Light Bone/Black-Volt The last boot, which Nike proudly parade in elegant colours, is the Nike Tiempo Legend IV. A boot that really has proved its worth throughout the years and has cemented itself as a true classic, on the feet of Andrea Pirlo and Sergio Ramos among others. The nice leather boot with the sharp touch on the ball comes in a simplistic and sophisticated design, with a soft leather touch. The two colourways are Light Bone/Black-Volt and Dark Charcoal/Laser, which could easily spark riots, if you started discussing which is the best looking.

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Adidas F50 Adizero Blackout vs. Adizero Messi Edition It is not just Nike and their Stealth-pack that has delivered both classic boots and colourful boots. Adidas have taken their lightweight F50 Adizero and dipped it in a bucket of black paint, now that might not sound like the way to make an elegant boot, but we think the result speaks for itself. Facing off with the simple colourway is the Messi edition of the same boot, which has seen plenty of different types of paint in its lifespan. A true colour explosion of purple, pink and white, which we have already seen on the feet of the magician Lionel Messi.

Will you be gearing up with the Adidas F50 Adizero, you can see more of it here.

Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Black/Electricty/Metallic Silver vs. Nitrocharge Blue Beauty/Running White/Electricity Adidas' new model, Nitrocharge 1.0 also comes in an elegant black colour for the football nostalgic, who wants the more subdued colourways. The boot, which is made for the teams Engine, is incredibly elegant, with a mix of black, neon and silver. Adidas also offer a slightly more youthful alternative, which was the launch colourway that is predominantly blue and with the same neon coloured band running across the front foot. So once more we are faced with the daunting choice between classic or colour.

Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 is available now, you can get it right here.

Adidas Predator LZ II Ray Green/Electricity/Black vs. Predator LZ II White/High Resolution/Black The iconic Predator has always been a boot that attracts attention, with the wide array of sensational playes to wear it. It lets you control every facet of the game, with the 5 Lethal Zones, which each helps a part of your game. It comes in a very uncharacteristic super flash Ray Green colourway, as well as a toned down white and red.

Will you be matching Di Maria, Xavi and Juan Mata on the footwear? Find your new Predator here.

Puma Powercat 1.12 Black/Yellow/Blue vs. Powercat 1.12 Graphic In Puma they were faced with a question: what colour is a true wildcat? This has resulted in two version of the Puma Powercat. The very bombastic and comfortable boot comes in a fairly calm Yellow/Black/Blue and then in the completely other end of the spectrum you find its namesake, which is quite the opposite. The Graphic model of the Puma Powercat is quite arguably the craziest boot ever, with a skeleton design and bright pink colours. The question is; do you want to be a prowling wildcat, or a rampaging beast, always attracting attention?

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Puma King Lux vs. Puma King White/Red Puma King is a legend in the boot world and it has existed for close to half a century, where it has prized itself on classic values: a good fit and a good touch on the ball. This comes thanks to the nice leather upper, which the boot has always been based on. On the new Puma King Lux the leather is a special soft kangaroo leather and with just 999 pairs worldwide, you are getting your hands on a rare classic, which not only looks amazing, but also suits any collection well. Against that you have the slightly fresher, but still amazingly elegant White/Red Puma King, which we have seen on the feet of Champions League and Confederations Cup winner Dante. We have said it before and we will say it again – it's a tough choice.

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Puma EvoSPEED Black/Neon vs. EvoSPEED White/Silver/Red The last boot we take a look at this time round, will be the the elegant and lightning fast EvoSPEED, which is Puma's lightweight speed boot. The boot comes with both a synthetic upper and a leather version, both with their own qualities. On the one side we have the classic Black/Neon colourway, which is for the player, who prefers the black boots. On the other hand you have white and silver, which lights up the pitch and attracts plenty of attention. No matter which of the two you pick, there is plenty to live up to, as this is the boot Sergio Agüero and Falcao wear.

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We have been for a quick trip around the summers colourways, from Nike, Adidas and Puma. From this we can quite quickly conclude that it is incredibly difficult, to choose between the simplistic black boots and the colourful bright boots. Which is your favourite? Do you like black, or the bright? Tell us in the comment-section down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.