A few weeks back we had seven talented young footballers to the Nike Chance event in Zeist, Netherlands. They were here to fight and prove that they had what it takes. We followed them all the way, which has also resulted in a video that you can watch right here.

If you are looking to become a professional football player, one thing is more than certain: It takes hard work, talent and a you really need to believe in yourself. But even the best and most talented player may face fierce competition. Out and about in the world there is a long list of talented young footballers who are all dreaming of one day being able to play with the very best; and if you wanna make it, it's all about taking the chance, when it comes by.

Therefore, it is very convenient that Nike have created their global football tournament, Nike Chance. As the name implies it's about giving the young players an opportunity to follow their biggest dream. In the end, the young talents may be able to be picked for a spot in the Nike Academy, but the road is long and winding. We came along for the first part of the journey towards the top, at the selection event in Zeist, Netherlands where talents from all over the world were gathered to prove their worth.

Among the huge talent were seven Scandinavians who were ready to prove that they had what it takes, and that they, in the future, would be able to make it in the absolute world elite. Claus Hennie, Casper Hyltoft, Martin Conley, Irfan Jakupi, Ahmad Hassan, Oscar Hansen and Alberto Kogano were the names of the players who, in cooperation with Unisport and Nike, had been picked and were ready to fight for their chance.

It was raining cats and dogs on the day, but this surely did not prevent the participants to give everything they had. The atmosphere was filled with concentration, nerves and at the same time a good portion of self confidence. Step by step the your talents fought their way through a long day of football, with a team of talent scouts constantly watching.

In the end the scouts had the task of picking out the six biggest talents, who they believed would be able to make it among the very best, and this was surely not an easy task. With 80 talented players, all performing to their very best, one can understand that selecting just six is not easy.

The six players who were selected in the end all had something special to offer. They managed to stand out, and proved that they are ready to take the chance and go for it. Among the selected players were Danish keeper Claus Hennie, who was both happy, surprised and very much proud as his name was called out and he was officially among the six participants succeed in their dream to join the world of the professionals.

If you would like to come up close and really feel the nerves, the concentration, the winner instinct and the young talents, then come along and check out the video. Here you can hear how the players feel about the competition, what it takes to become pro, and what it is that the scouts are looking for as they are on the lookout for talents.

It's all about taking the chance when it arises, and this is some thing that the participants in Nike Chance know better than anyone. Come along and see how it all went down as we went to the selection tournament in Zeist, Netherlands right here. What do you think of Nike Chance? And are you also dreaming about becoming a professional football player? Feel free to share your comments in the box below, or on Facebook and Twitter.