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Adidas with a new message: Live in the now, because tomorrow it's forgotten

You have to seize the moment and live in the now. That’s what counts, because what’s happening now will in the blink of an eye be the past and new events take over. Adidas have created an epic video with a motivating message to give you the extra edge, which in today’s world can be the difference between success and failure. Check out the video here.

The fight for world domination is currently between two giants – Nike and adidas. It’s the tale of two sports brands, who for years have been neck and neck and competed for the world’s greatest athletes attention.

Now adidas release a new video, with the help of some of the world biggest superstars from various sports. And yes, naturally Messi, Bale, James and even Suarez feature – yep, he is sucking on a lollypop in the video, probably safest for all parties involved…

The message is clear – the most important moments in sport happen in seconds and every time it’s a new chance to redefine yourself and your destiny. And that’s why it doesn’t matter if you have scored the deciding goal, played the crucial pass, or bit an opponent (twice actually) – it’s what you do today that matters.

With their new video adidas follow up on their successful “There will be haters”-campaign, which saw the introduction of a new f50 Adizero, as well as new colours for the Predator Instinct, Nitrocharge and 11Pro. It looks like adidas really mean business this year...