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      Nike Mercurial CR7 Rare Gold: Boot of the year?

      What to do when you have already made a gold inspired football boot for the world’s best footballer and he is awarded once again? You just cover it in even more gold and add a bunch of micro diamonds to make up the player’s logo. You’ve guessed it, Cristiano Ronaldo and Nike are making the best of 2015…

      Not one but actually two of our colleagues here at Unisport are certainly also making the best 2015. They were both fortunate enough to get their hands on a pair of the total of 333 pairs of this boot that Nike put on the market to celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo.

      And even if it was hard to get the boots off the hands of our colleagues, our photographer managed to do just that and quickly brought the boots to our photo studio to shoot some pictures. After the session our photographer came out the studio all covered in gold and glitter. We’re not quite sure how that happened, but something we are sure of is that the result was some super cool pictures…

      Unfortunately we are not able to sell the boot on our site. The 333 pairs available were kept to the Nike shop. Therefore, we will also not be able to give away this pair. Unless you are able to get them off the hands of our colleagues. It does however seem a little unlikely that they will be willing to let them go…

      This Nike Mercurial CR7 Rare Gold will be extremely tough to beat. And even if we still have 10 months left to see new football boots being launched, it seems hard to believe that anything will top this Rare Gold model. And yes, it is actually even cooler in real life!

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