Adidas announce the football revolution 25.05.15

“Predator, F50 and Nitrocharge are dead. WTF?!” We are not joking, this is real; adidas have been teasing for the revolution in their latest video, where they present a brand new way of thinking football boots.

Let’s get things straight. It’s true! adidas pretty much confirm it in the teaser video, their current silos Predator, F50, 11pro and Nitrocharge will belong to the past in just a week. Dead and gone. History. Luckily adidas are not turning their back on football - far from. Of course they have something up the sleeve for us.

What exactly this is we cannot tell yet (we have been fortunate enough to see it, but have promise to keep our mouths shut for now...). Based on the video we can however conclude that there will be new boots coming, named X and Ace. The future is coming. Football is in need of something new. The game is being played by new types of players, who play in a different way. Therefore, they need need football boots.

Hint: If you are quick on your fingers and pause the video in the right places, you can get a little sneak peak of the new adidas football boots…

Adidas have in close cooperation with elite trainers such as Pep Guardiola, analysed and concluded that the game of football has changed. You need or pick of football boots is no longer based on position or classic types of players like speed, precision or increased energy - modern football has two types of players; a player who creates chaos, and one who creates and displays control. How these boots for chaos and control look, we will have to wait and see on the 25.05.15…

WTF?! new boots are coming from adidas - BRAND NEW football boots. But what are your thoughts on this football boot revolution? And will there only be two boots?