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      Women's Magista Obra, coolest design so far?

      It might be that it is the men who dominate the football scene. And it may also be that the design of football boots is generally targeting men. But in my opinion, the female playmakers now have a super cool design, maybe the coolest so far for the Magista Obra...

      Now this may be a slightly controversial statement; but taste is always debatable, and I'll stick to my opinion. And you can be sure that I would have gotten my hands on a pair of these Magista Obra Volt and Blue Lagoon colourway, if only they would have been available in a size EU 44.

      But this collection is designed for the women, and especially the women who are currently participating in the World Cup in Canada. And the design is also inspired by the beautiful host country and its beautiful nature including the many lakes around the nation.

      This is the first time that Nike have launched a full collection to honour the women's World Cup. But if this is the benchmark in terms of the women's design, the female players are certainly in for a treat.; as well as the men with smaller feet 'JayMike'...