Our SALE just got bigger and better! ❯

PUMA challenge the rest and introduce the incredibly light evoSPEED SL

“Light and fast just got lighter and faster.” Those are the words of PUMA, who weeks after releasing their evoSPEED SL Camo. Now PUMA are ready with the first official evoSPEED SL. Weight 103 gram. “Game on adidas” – as you say…

You can’t help wonder what sparked this extreme hunt for having the lightest football boot. The answer can be found in two places: A performance aspect and a competitive aspect. While the competitive aspect is pretty obvious, I’d love to delve into the performance side of things here.

The performance area is one that is rooted in the constant demand for better innovation, which modern day football requires. Everything has to be harder, better, faster, stronger. Everything from your movement, to your contact with the ball is thoroughly thought through and the light football boots brings two things to the table in connection with this. On the one side there is physiological advantage, as you feel lighter when wearing a pair of boots that weight just 103 gram. On the other hand the ultrathin upper means you get a closer contact with the ball and thus can control it far better.

For this new evoSPEED SL Puma have naturally had to change the concept of their speed boot entirely. This has resulted in several new additions like the laser cut SPEEDFRAME, which acts as a sort of support system on the upper. The stud-configuration is also different and a mixture of conical and bladed studs. The very special three-stud heel stands out as something brand new and it will be exciting to see what Agüero, Reus, Falcao and all the other PUMA evoSPEED players can do in the new speed boot.

PUMA have emphasized the fact that due to the materials, this evoSPEED SL will last a minimum of 10 games. The boot is therefore probably made mostly for professionals and boot collectors, but it will be quite fun to give it a play test anyway. Just for a couple of games…