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      Nike use the Senyera as inspiration for the FC Barcelona away-shirt

      About a month ago Nike presented FC Barcelona’s new home- and away-shirt and at the time of the release a few Barca fans raised some doubts about the design. They did so because the shirts famous vertical stripes had been replaced by horizontal stripes on the home-shirt. Today Barcelona’s away-shirt has arrived at our warehouse and we therefore take a closer look at what it has got going on.

      The concept behind FC Barcelona’s new shirts comes from the patterns and colours you see all over the Camp Nou on match days, which creates that immense and unique atmosphere. The colours and patterns in question are naturally the Blaugrana and Senyera. While Blaugrana inspired the home-shirt, the Senyera is what the away-shirt design comes from.

      The shirt’s dominating colour is a golden yellow, which represents the Catalan sense of togetherness. Along the back runs four red stripes and this is a reference to the clubs ever loyal fans. Many of the FC Barcelona supporters have a tradition, where they drape themselves in the Catalan flag and don it like a cape. You can say what you like about the shirt, but the inspiration is unquestionably awesome…

      You can get your hands on FC Barcelona’s away-shirt for the coming season already today and support them as they try to win even more trophies… Ohh wait, they actually won them all last season didn’t they? Nike have in any case reinvigorated the squad with these awesome new shirts – the rest is up to MSN…