The Nike Tiempo collection has been among the absolute elite of football boot innovation for more than twenty years and is synonymous with the finest leather boots. The boots touch is nothing short of legendary and now Nike build on that legacy with the brand spanking new Tiempo Legend 6. Read along and get an idea of the many changes on the elegant new leather boot.

Nike’s dedication to innovating and evolving their boots is second to none. They work tirelessly on finding new and improved ways to make even their most classic products, like the Tiempo collection, the peak of modern football boot technology. The Nike Tiempo Legend 6 is the embodiment of this mantra, because although the upper is made from old school kangaroo leather, it is anything but outdated.

The upper is also the best place to start with our look at the new Tiempo boot, because that is definitely where the most eye-catching modification can be seen. Traditionally the Nike Tiempo boots have been made with a quilted front foot, which until now was the prefered way of getting the boots infamous touch on the ball. This technique is however not without its drawbacks, because mud and water often seeps through the gaps, which in turn hardens and ruins the leather around it. Nike therefore challenged themselves to work with leather in an entirely new way, to achieve the same touch, but not compromise the legendary upper material.

The new Nike Tiempo Legend 6 upper construction is now based around a modern cage design, which is fitted on the inside of the boot and ensures you get the same locked in fit and stability that you would otherwise get from the quilted design. The cage also creates the iconic grooves in the leather, which play a large part in giving the Tiempo player the deft touch that they use to start the next wave of attack on goal. Sensational craftsmanship and ingenuity from Nike!

That is not the only change that has come the way of the upper, because the boots tongue has also been updated to a modern version, where the laces are now integrated into the one-piece construction. The performance enhanced tongue makes for a sharper touch and more protective design, which will both be a welcomed additions to the boot from stars like Christian Benteke, Sergio Ramos and Hugo Lloris.

You can order the new Nike Tiempo Legend 6 from the 1st of December.

The new look upper and sharp silhouette honestly has me completely head over heels in love and especially this launch colourway is absolutely spot on. The Tiempo Legend 6 may be a modern boot in its own right now, but the colourway is as classic as it gets. I haven’t tried them on yet, but you can be absolutely certain that I will, as soon as they land on stock, because I’m dying to check out the new modernised take on the Tiempo.

We know Nike well enough by now that they never do anything half-hearted. They saw a way to improve their already brilliant Tiempo V model and went all in to do so. Even after having only held the boot I can tell they are onto something special here and can’t wait to see them in action. What do you think about the new look Tiempo?