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      7. December - The end of Arsenal's impressive record

      The start of the new millennium really was a golden age for Arsenal. It was a time of titles and impressive records. The seventh of December in 2003 marked the end of one of Arsenal’s most mind boggling streaks, but also kickstarted their most insane record…

      Manchester United would turn out to be Arsenal’s nemesis, when they beat the Gunners 2-0 on the seventh of December, at Old Trafford. It meant that Arsenal ended their streak of playing 55 games, without leaving the pitch having not scored. A completely unbelievable record, which was sparked an even more impressive record, where they went 49 games undefeated.

      Funnily enough it would once again turn out to be Man United who ended that run too, with exactly the same result and at the same ground too. And so is the unpredictable nature of football…

      The seventh of December was a bittersweet day for Arsenal fans. On the one hand, the streak had to end at some point, but that it had to be at Old Trafford is probably something they would have liked to avoid. Do you think we will ever see a team like the Invincibles again?