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      9. December - When you get signature boots that you can't wear

      It’s far from any player that gets the privilege of getting his very own pair of signature football boots. Last year PUMA ran their Tricks concept and dedicated four boots to four of their very best players. On this day last year, Marco Reus got his own pair - but he never got to wear them…

      2014 was definitely not a year that Marco Reus will look back at with too much fondness, in regards to his career in any case. First he ended up being injured just two weeks before the World Cup and secondly he had to see his very own signature boot being launched, without him ever getting the chance to wear them. Lame…

      Just weeks before his personalised pair of evoSPEED boots were presented, Reus was badly injured for the seemingly umpteenth time. The injury would keep him out of action for several months, so when he finally came back, PUMA already had a new colourway update ready for him to use. Nonetheless the boots had a really strong message and theme behind them and it’s almost a shame that they never got the attention they deserved. The boots design was made to support the fight against children’s cancer, which I think we can all agree, is something worth fighting for.

      It was a bittersweet joy for Marco Reus, when he presented his signature boots on the 9th of December in 2014. Do you think he deserves a new pair of PUMA boots to fight this cause? We certainly do!