Professional Formula One race driver, Nico Rosberg, has challenged his Puma colleagues; they are to take on a real sport – his sport. The footballers will try out the famous Monza race course in a Formula One simulator. Will Sergio Agüero, Carrick or Fabregas be able to wipe off the smirky grin on Rosberg's face? Find out right here.

What happens when you take a bunch of professional athletes and put them in a Formula One simulator to compete against each other, as well as, the professional race driver, Nico Rosberg? You get a selection of highly motivated top athletes, who are wiling to do anything to beat the super fast Rosberg. He managed to get around the track in just 1:21:05 – Can he be beaten?

Mercedes Formula One driver, Nico Rosberg, has challenged his Puma colleagues to try out his sport for one day. They will be behind the wheel of the German's Formula One racer. Almost. They are 'just' put behind the wheel of a professional simulator. Whoever gets the fastest track time will be rewarded with a driving course from Rosberg himself, and afterwards they get to go around the track on a real race course in a real race car – Not something everybody gets a chance to try.

Emanuel Frimpong (Arsenal FC) – Puma Powercat 1.12

The 20 year old midfielder was the first one to have a go at the simulator, and the pressure was on immediately. Sitting next to him is his team mate Bacary Sagna, who had a difficult time trying not to laugh as the young Ghanaian went off the track. The lack of experience behind the wheel is clear, and Frimpong gets around the track in 1:45:30 – a track time he did not approve off either.

Cesc Fabreags (FC Barcelona) – Puma Powercat 1.12

The Barcelona midfielder, Cesc Fabregas took on the challenge a little differently, compared the Frimpong. Fabregas had a rather humble attitude as he went into the simulator, but was this enough to provide a surprise? The short answer is no. Despite a decent lap on the Monza course, he was never near Rosberg – 1:30:08 was the result. Not bad, but still not good enough.

Michael Carrick (Manchester United) – Puma Powercat 1.12

Manchester United's defensive midfielder, Michael Carrick, really wants to beat Phil Jones, as well as, the rest of the puma crowd. He gets a bit of a shock as he gets into the hot seat of the professional simulator, and although Phil Jones is annoying him a little, Carrick manages to produce a very good track time. He crosses the line in 1:24:07 – just three seconds more than Rosberg. Was this enough to win?

Nigel de Jong (AC Milan – previously Man. City) – Puma Powercat 1.12

Next up is Nigel de Jong, who has been facing, previously mentioned Carrick on multiple occasions, although not in a setting like this. Today, the Dutchman wants to beat his team mate in Manchester City, Sergio Agüero. He sets himself a goal of 1:24:00 – just 3 seconds more than Rosberg's track time. He is doing very well and ends up beating his own goal, as well as, Michael Carrick for that matter. 1:23:31 is his time, and with a smirky smile De Jong makes his exit feeling like a winner already. But could he be so sure?

Sergio Agüero (Manchester City) – Puma Evospeed 1

Sergio Agüero is know to be a fast man, and even though Nigel de Jong is trying to psyche him, the Argentinian is focused on the finish line and a first place. Maradona's son-in-law admits that he is not good at losing, even if it is in a board game with his wife. Victory is the only way, and the pressure he has put on himself requires quite a delivery. 01:22:58 was his time, and Agüero was only a few seconds away from beating the professional race driver. Maybe he has a future in Formula One?

Now that you have seen the videos, we can reveal that the overall winner was Manchester City player Sergio Agüero. The fast Argentinian came in as the fastest amateur racer from the puma crowd, just one second from the professional Nico Rosberg. That is quite an achievement and we take our hats off. What do you think of Agüero's accomplishment? Well done? Do you think you could beat his track time? And what do you think of the whole challenge itself? Feel free to leave your comment in the field just below.