In the upcoming weekend we are going to see some of the absolute top stars from Adidas play in their very own customised football boots, which they, themselves, have designed with the Adidas miAdidas function. – and you can get a peek at some of the stars boots right here, right now.

When it's finally time for this weekends round of football, it's worth keeping an eye on the feet of some of Adidas' biggest stars – because Karim Benzema, Ashley Young, Riccardo Montolivo, Lukas Podolski, Oscar, Thomas Müller, Shinji Kagawa and Fernando Llorente will all be pulling on a pair of entirely unique colourways to their normal Adidas boot, to attract some focus to the new miAdidas service.

Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) – Adidas F50 Adizero Karim Benzema from Real Madrid has made a pretty cool customisation to his Adidas F50 Adizero, which he has made with a colour combo of black and gold. Benzema tells us he's very pleased with the end result and that they remind him of a gold medal. For him it's all about personal style on the pitch and you have to agree the boots do look good. They remind us quite a bit of the Adidas Predator Absolute in gold/black – which is definitely praise in our book.

Ashley Young (Manchester Untied) – Adidas F50 Adizero This weekend Manchester United clash with Arsenal, which makes it their third game against a London-side in the last week and a half. Fresh back from injury, Ashley Young is ready with his new Adizero-boots in Red/White/Black, the colours really do match the United home-kit very well. Young has intriguingly enough had a microfibre version of the boot made, even though he normally plays in leather.

Riccardo Montolivo (AC Milan) – Adidas Predator LZ AC-Milan player Riccardo Montolivo has been busy personalizing his Predator LZ and he's gotten a very nice pair of boots out of it. The Italian is one of the many players in the world of football, with a soft spot for white boots and that's why his LZ's are white too. They have however also been given a few accent-colours with red and azure blue, which symbolize AC Milan and Italy respectively. At the same time the Milan-Logo is on the side, as an elegant little touch.

Oscar (Chelsea) – Adidas Predator LZ Another LZ-player, who's truly gone crazy with the colouring, is Chelseas young Brazilian, Oscar. He's implemented both the colours of his club and his country, and that is why his boots are both yellow and blue. OK, it may not be Chelsea-blue, Oscar has chosen, but it brings up the green nuances, that also feature in Brazil's flag. We also think Oscars little detail with the Brazil flag on the side is a cool touch and he'll probably be the easiest to spot, in the weekend games, with boots as flashy as these.

Fernando Llorente (Atletic Club Bilbao) – Adidas Predator LZ Spanish Fernando Llorente has also joined the miAdidas club and has made his own boots, with the colours of his club, Atletic Bilbao. Llorente also likes white boots and has stuck to the base colour and made both the Drive and First Touch-elements white like the boot. The colours slowly fade from White to black and with red accent-colours – a boot worthy of the strong striker.

Lukas Podolski (Arsenal – Adidas F50 Adizero In this weekends major clash between Manchester United and Arsenal it wont only be Ashley Young wearing a pair of miAdidas-boots, – Lukas Podolski will also be pulling on a pair, that he himself has designed. Prinz Poldi sticks to the ancient saying, beauty in simplicity, silver/white/red, are the colours that make up the boot. Will the new man in Arsenal, make life miserable for the Red Devils and score in his new Adizeros?

Thomas Müller (FC Beryern Munich) – Adidas Predator LZ Another German, Thomas Müller, has also chosen a more subtle train of thought, when it comes to colours. His Predator LZ in Black/White draws inspiration from older generations of Adidas-boots and he really enjoys the idea of having something on your feet, that you designed yourself. At the same time Müller has had YoungWings written on his LZ's, which is an organisation he supports. A nice gesture, fitting of a pair of elegant boots like these. Maybe Müller should become a boot-designer after he retires?

We will naturally keep a sharp eye on the above players, in the weekends rounds of football and with all the attacking prowess in the Adidas line-up, we would be shocked if one of these boots didn't bring us a goals or two. Which of the designs do you like the best? Give us your opinion in the boxes down bellow.