Last week we went on a little trip to Amsterdam, where Christian Eriksen unveiled his new Nike GS2, which he and just five others will be allowed to play in. Jakob packed his bag and made for Amsterdam with his photographer – who on top of filming the event, also took a couple of pictures on the trip. - So join us and see how things went.

The event took place in Amsterdam and that naturally meant a trip to Kastrup airport, Copenhagen and a short flight to Amsterdam Schiphol – and afterwards a journey by train to Amsterdam Central Train Station. This is where we took time to see the beautiful city – you can hardly turn a street corner, without bumping into a canal and the place is jam packed with bikes.

It's not always easy to navigate either (Or maybe Jakob's sense of direction is just terrible, you pick), and this makes a map a necessary companion. After a bit of fumbling in the dark, we luckily stumbled upon our hotel, that was situated right in the heart of Amsterdam.

All of this walking naturally made us a bit peckish, so we made our way to the local burger bar, that was aptly named “Burger Bar”. As a sidenote we can add, that as an addition, the Dutch offer goose liver, as a supplement to their burgers. - Jakob politely declined.

After a bit of belly pleasing the Nike Amsterdam Store phoned, which is where the event would take place. There was plenty of fun gizmo's, the coolest being one picking up a three dimensional boot and turning it any which way and also dismantling it. Smart.

After a bit of preparation, it was time for the main attraction – the man of the moment Christian Eriksen turned up and told everyone about his new boot. The event was predominantly for Dutch media – and Unisport – This is why most of the communication was in Dutch. Now our Dutch is, shall we say less than fluent, but we gathered from everyone a feeling of enthusiasm for the new boot, GS2SQUAD – and the whole room roared with laughter, when Jakob got up and started speaking Danish with Eriksen.

In another part of the event 10 especially invited Football Obsessed Teens (FOT's) came by and had a brief chat with Christian Eriksen and he kindly and casually answered all their questions, which ranged all the way from Career to life in Amsterdam as well as his thoughts on his new boot – and there was also plenty of opportunity to have some pictures with the big future prospect.

After the event we got to sit down alone with him and talk to Christian about the Nike GS, where he discussed both his joy and humility in being part of the GS2SQUAD and of course also what he thought about his new boots.

You can see the interview in our WebTV video from the event – where Jakob also chats to a EKIN – a product specialist from Nike – Ellery Esajas.

After the event, our man in amsterdam, took the liberty to see the city by night, which definitely is a lively place. The next morning we where back at the Schiphol to set sail for Denmark once more. - We did however not get to stay for long, but you can hear all about that later today...

Have you ever been to Amsterdam and maybe even seen the Nike store? Feel free to tell us what you think of the GS2 and the choice of Eriksen as a frontman for the boot. Do you agree with him, that he should be in the middle of the group? We would love to hear your thoughts so tell us in the box down below.