Our WebTV host Jakob has been all over Europe in the last week's time and had only just come back from Amsterdam, before he was off again, this time heading for Puma's headquarters in Herzogenaurach. Here he had a chat with Puma representative; Ricardo Danziger, about the brand new Puma King. Check it out.

Take a look at the video below and see what happens when Jakob, with his incredibly well groomed moustache, and his photographer, with an equally impressive, however not apparent, Movember, went south of the border. - Including the amusing feature of Jakob trying to pronounce Herzogenaurach.

You can read everything about the King and also the other newly released boots on our Puma campaign site right here,

You can also pre-order the Puma King here. - With an expected arrival in January and a pricetag of just €159.

As well as the Superlight Puma King, with the crazy low weight of just 171 grams, that will cost just €213.

Some of the worlds biggest players are already shifting into the new Puma King, among them Yaya Toure, Michael Carrick and Mikel Arteta, but will you be doing the same and if so which colour will you be going for? What did you think of today's WebTV episode? Share your thoughts in the comment-section below.