New Dortmund Home Shirt 2018/19 | Beat of the city


Written by Zlatko

The new PUMA shirts are all about the sleeves, and the new Dortmund Home Shirt is no exception. It’s made with the classic yellow base, while the sleeves have been made black with a yellow disruptive design. The new Dortmund Home Shirt is kept close to its tradition but is still made with a fresh twist!

When looking at the shirt you instantly think Dortmund. And what’s not to like about the new Home Shirt. It comes with the plain and yet classic Dortmund colour, and per usual with black details as well. This year PUMA is focusing on the sleeves, and this is a something which is easy to spot on the new Dortmund Home Shirt.

The black details on the Dortmund 2018/19 Home Shirt is placed on the raglan sleeves. The sleeves are made in black, and with a disruptive yellow design. Furthermore, the black sleeves are divided by a yellow stripe, which gives the classic striped Dortmund feeling. The disruptive sleeves design and stripe gives the new Home Shirt a fresh twist, so you will be ready for the new Bundesliga season!

But the shirt is much more than a black sleeves design and a plain yellow base. The front of a shirt is made with an embossed line, which shows a pulse beat. This is placed running across the chest symbolizing the ‘Yellow Wall’s’ passion and love for the club. Dortmund’s fans are known as some of the most passionate, and the Dortmund 2018/19 Home Shirt is all about expressing their passion through the details.

Furthermore, the love the club receives is not marked by the fans. The club sets the pulse of the whole city's heart like nothing else - regardless is it matchday nor not. The new Home Shirt's design also honours the special connection the club has with the entire city of Dortmund. The beat runs through all of them and fuels them. Dortmund is where the fans live, work and dream!

Since Dortmund didn’t get new shorts and socks for last season, they will get a brand-new full kit this season. The Dortmund 2018/19 Home Shirt will be complemented with the traditional black shorts, which has the Dortmund and PUMA logo placed on each thigh. The socks are made in yellow with black stripes on, while they also have the numbers ‘19’ and ‘09’ placed respectively on left and right leg, which also indicates the club's founding year.

PUMA might just have nailed the new Dortmund 18/19 Home Shirt. You can buy your new Dortmund 2018/19 Home Shirt tomorrow on!