New Z.N.E Hoodie | Get ready in one rip


Written by Zlatko Popovic

The innovative sportswear, adidas Z.N.E, was introduced last year. Now adidas is ready to introduces the new Z.N.E. collection which also introduces a new zip function, which makes you ready even faster than before.

Z.N.E. Hoodie

If this is first time you hear the abbreviation Z.N.E. then you’re in for a treat. Not only is it one of the most innovative sportswear on the market, but it also just got updated. Z.N.E. stands for Zero Negative Energy, and it will make your pre and post match experience even better than before. The adidas Z.N.E. hoodie combines three elements, which elevates your game. The elements are reducing noise distraction, avoiding visionary interference and lastly a comfortable fit. Sounds like pretty awesome stuff!

New Z.N.E. innovation

The new hoodie feature an awesome innovation, which is going to make you even more ready for the moment when they need to deliver, game day, or any day. One of the things you often spot at the top athletes is that they are ready for anything, anytime, anywhere. The new Z.N.E. hoodie has fast-release zipper, which means that the hoodie can be opened by one rip, which enables the top athletes, as well as you, to get ready in one quick movement.

The Z.N.E. hoodie comes with an updated hood, which offers you a better and more stylish fit, while a new premium soft fabric in offers a comfortable fit and look. The hoodie also comes with the Climalite function, which help with wicking moisture and sweat from the body, while the materials are kept at a lightweight level.

Get ready to get into the zone even faster than before. Shop the new Z.N.E. clothing at Unisport from today!

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