adidas Initiator Pack | Made for the influencers of the game


Written by Zlatko

Last week adidas gave us a little sneak peek to the Initiator Pack, with their launch of the futuristic Copa 19+. Now adidas is ready with the rest of the Initiator Pack, which not only includes new colours, but also updates on one of the most popular boots out there, the Predator boot.

adidas Initiator Pack

Made for the influencers of the game. The new Initiator Pack is made in a true ‘OG’ colourway. The Initiator Pack includes colourways, that makes us at Unisport HQ think back on some of the greatest adidas boots. To be a true initiator you have to be on in front in the game, you have to think differently, and you have to be the decisive factor on the pitch. adidas has made sure, that you get the right tools for the job, and now you just have to choose which type of initiator you want to be. Go influence the game and change it.

adidas Nemeziz and X

adidas is ready with a new colourway for both the regular Nemeziz and the Nemeziz Messi edition. The Nemeziz 18+ comes in a white design and a black disruptive pattern, 3 stripes and forefoot, while the soleplate is made in a split black and red colourway. Stunning job adidas.
If you need a bit more colour in your life, then the new Nemeziz Messi is just for you. The boot comes in a red and blue design, with 3 silver stripes on the site. We know that Messi is fond of getting some colourful and bold boots, but it’s like adidas has found a good solution for keeping it simple and yet eye-catching. Seems like a perfect match, when Messi is combining the Barcelona Home Shirt with his new Nemeziz 18.1 boots.

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The new adidas X 18+ Initiator Pack is all about getting you one step in front of your opponents. We instantly think back on the old black and red Predator boot, when looking on the new X 18+ colourway, and the colours is a match for the lightweight boot. But adidas has hidden some awesome design elements in the Skeletal Weave. At first glance it looks like an ordinary black upper with white 3 stripes. But if you take a closer look you see the red colour incorporated into the Skeletal Weave.

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adidas Predator 19+

This isn’t just an ordinary colour update, but there are also updates on the Predator boot, which now is called 19+ instead of 18+. The Predator 19+ comes with a minor facelift in terms of the heel and upper, while the looks of the boot is pretty much the same. Looking on the upper we see two changes: the knit pattern and forefoot lines. The knit pattern is a gradient fade, that improves the upper and comfort in the boot. The forefoot lines are subtle tech zones, that reinforces the defense/offense mode, so you always are ready to control the ball no matter if you’re creating the game or controlling the opponents. The most eye-catching change is the Predator 19+ heel cap, which is mad with a sharper design and aggressive lines for a better protection and fit around the heel. Continued below.

adidas Copa 19+

Last week adidas introduced their new Copa 19+ boots that looks like something from the future. adidas revolutionised the Copa DNA, which gives us a boot that is packed with the latest technologies, giving you a next level boot. The Copa 19+ comes with the innovative Fusionskin, that offers you the best possible touch, while reducing the water absorption, so you don’t get heavy boots during rainy days. The upper is still made from a comfy K-leather material, while a X RAY Vamp keeps your foot closer to the ball and educing any form of slippage. All in all the new Copa is a new standard for leather boots, and we can’t wait to see what Paulo Dybala is going to do, when playing in these stunning boots. But we mustn’t forget the colourway, which is inspired by the always classy Champagne Pack colourway, a true classic deserves only the best.

Be the initiator on the indoor courts

Are you only playing indoor football or futsal? Then don’t worry, adidas has the boots that you need. You can’t get the Initiator Pack made for indoor or futsal courts as well as giving you the latest and awesome colourway for your favourite adidas boots. But if you get the adidas boots for indoor, then you also get comfort as the top statement boots comes with the awesome BOOST cushioning. Making your trip to the indoor courts even better than before.

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adidas got you covered no matter what type of player you are. All the popular adidas silos are made in the Initiator Pack, and you can get the already now at Unisport.

Even better prices on the Predator and Nemeziz silos

Yes you didn't read wrong, the Predator 19+ and Nemeziz 18+ have gotten even better prices, which means that you can get some of the most popular adidas boots at an awesome price. So now is the time for you to strike, if you previously have backed down on getting the boots that you've desired the most.

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