How to play in the cold


Written by Allan

When I was starting out my football career as an impressionable 5 year old boy, with dreams of hitting the big time, we would play in the snow, rain, wind and frost - just like you do today. The only difference was that there was no such thing as winter football gear. I could often be seen running around in the snow wearing only a pair of shorts and a tshirt. I’d obviously complain at half time that I couldn’t feel my toes, and my coach would inevitably reply with something stupid like “a bit of cold never hurt anybody.” Then in the second half I’d take a free kick, and guess what? It definitely hurt. If only I was born 10 years later!

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m going to talk about winter training gear this week with the help of JayMike. Using our 5 tips below, you can avoid getting too cold whilst training, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy the winter months a lot more. Enjoy!

Number 5 - Cold Mode Boots

Adidas are serious innovators. So much so, that they have created an entire boot pack designed to help you pick up your winter game. The aptly named ‘Cold Mode’ pack features all of your favourite adidas models, but lined with a synthetic down that is designed to keep your feet warm and dry during the coldest 90 minutes of your life. A serious must-have if you are 5 year old me.

Get the Cold Mode Pack here and keep your feet warm

Number 4 - Jackets & Apparel

That extra layer on top of your shirt can make all the difference. Especially if it’s equipped with some kind of wind breaker technology. Get yourself a training shirt or jacket and you won’t be sorry - there are some really good ones out there to choose from, and we have a great selection.

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Number 3 - Snood

Nobody likes having a cold neck apparently. If you are one of the growing number of people who suffer from *checks notes* ...neck coldness? You have two main choices in this department; The Craft neckwarmer, The Nike HyperWarm snood. Both will make you feel like your neck is in the Bahamas.

Find the best neckwarmers here

Number 2 - Gloves

Now, cold fingers ARE something that I can’t stand. The correct pair of player gloves can make a huge difference to you, as you aren’t constantly feeling like your hands are going to fall off. Keep your head in the game and get yourself some player gloves. Make sure to get ones with a grip element on the fingertips and palm if you are someone who takes throw-ins for your team.

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Number 1 - Base layer

The most important item in your winter training kit bag is always going to be your base layer. If you’ve never tried it, you won’t be disappointed. This stuff will keep you warmer and make you feel great without you even noticing it’s there. There are loads of different ones to choose from, but that extra layer under your shirt can make all the difference to the way you feel.

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So that was our 5 tips for playing in the cold. I hope helps you to make some good decisions when buying your winter training gear.

Below you will see the JayMike’s video that I mentioned.

Stay tuned for more ‘How-To’ blogs in the coming weeks for more awesome #Unisportlife content.