Morelia Neo II MIJ Black Star | Take a closer look at Mizuno’s take on blackout


Written by Zlatko

Todays marks a big day for football boot launches, as Mizuno also drop their take for a blackout football boot for the preseason. Leather and blackout go hand in hand, so this is almost a bulletproof colourway that Mizuno is dropping out of nowhere.

Mizuno Morelia Neo II MIJ Black Star

New stars are born during the preseason, and the same goes for boots, as Morelia Neo II MIJ gets a stylish blackout colourway. The next couple of months are all about the preparations for the new season, and the time where blackout boots peak, so it’s only normal that Mizuno also drops a blackout for their most popular boot.

Crafted by hand to offer you the best possible quality. The Mizuno Morelia Neo II MIJ is a part of the Made in Japan concept, which includes thorough control checks to secure you a quality leather boot. Mizuno only uses premium materials to make sure that it reaches the Mizuno standards, and that the products get the Made in Japan stamp, which is very exclusive.

The Mizuno Morelia Neo II MIJ comes with a so-called Scotchguard kangaroo leather, which is soft, subtle and thin, but in the meantime strong as well. The boots already have a nice fit from the first time you put them on, while the leather upper will adapt to your foot giving you an even better fit. Mizuno Morelia Neo II MIJ comes with the Wave Fit lacing system, which is a special zigzag pattern used to give you a perfect lockdown. The pattern makes sure that you won’t slip around in the boots, making them even more comfortable, while adding stability to your sharp turn and dribbles.

Lastly, the Mizuno Morelia Neo II MIJ also offers a light Pebax outsole, which offers you a tighter fit and a barefoot feeling. You can almost feel that Mizuno spend a lot of time on making the perfect boot for you, as they feature awesome qualities and are one of the best leather boots out there at the moment.

Mizuno Satisfaction Guaranteed

Remember that we, together with Mizuno, still offer you the so-called Mizuno Satisfaction Guaranteed. Try any of the latest Mizuno boots from Unisport and return them back for a full refund within the first 30 days. Try the boots out at training, play a match or just do a casual roundabout with some friends. If the boots don’t fit your expectations, then you can send them back again. Try the latest Mizuno football boots here, or read more about the Mizuno satisfaction guarenteed.

The Mizuno Morelia Neo II MIJ is available from today at Unisport, so get your preseason boots right now.

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