The Adidas AdiPURE 11Pro is back in an updated version and with the new revamp it brings with it, on top of a brand new colourway, even more class and comfort than before. We take a look at the new football boots right here.

The Adidas AdiPURE 11Pro silo has always been about elegance and class. It has been the football boots DNA to combine a good fit and sublime touch on the ball, with a simple and elegant look.

Now the latest generation from the AdiPure silo has landed and the Adidas AdiPURE 11Pro II is every bit as classic as previous AdiPURE’s have been and then some. Because on top of the class, comfort and nice leather, the new AdiPURE 11Pro also has a colourway that will be attracting unprecedented attention for a boot used to purposely slipping slightly underneath the radar.

If you want to get your hands on the new Adidas AdiPURE 11Pro II Purple/White, then check it out right here.

With the purple colours Adidas have given the AdiPURE 11Pro a colourway, which is certainly ready for the World Cup in Brazil next year. When the Samba rhythms start banging and the party gets going, it’s no use standing in the corner hiding; with this AdiPURE 11Pro II you are sure to be the center of attention.

The boot is once again made with an upper of Adidas’ nice and elegant Taurus leather. It is soft leather that gives an incredibly good fit and beautiful touch on the ball. If you are a football traditionalist, who swears by leather boots, you are definitely not going to be disappointed by the decision to choose this particular leather again.

Adidas have however changed the upper slightly and added a few more stitches. This prevents the leather from stretching and at the same time it gives a very close and personal fit. This is just one of the many ways that Adidas have worked to improve the core values of the AdiPURE, which have always been touch, comfort and fit.

If you want to get your hands on the new Adidas AdiPURE 11Pro II Purple/White, then check it out right here.

Also worthy of noting is that Adidas have, with this new update of the AdiPURE 11Pro, gone away from the Duracoating technology, which you could find on the nose of the boot on the previous version. Duracoating gave added durability, but Adidas have deemed it unnecessary thanks to the new stitches on the upper, which make sure the leather doesn’t stretch and thus increases durability.

Just like we know from the former generation of AdiPURE 11Pro, the nice Taurus leather is from the mid foot and back replaced with a synthetic microfibre. This helps keep the weight down and at the same time is gives a dynamic and modern look to the boot.

On the heel Adidas have also worked to improve the comfort and the Germans have covered the entire inside of the heel in a comfortable suede material. At the same time Adidas have also made sure the boot not only feels good, but looks good too. They have added the elegant 11Pro writing to the heel, which contributes to the class, which the Adidas AdiPURE 11Pro has always been known for.

The sole is a place that Adidas have worked hard improve, by giving increased dynamics and comfort. They have added more torsion and support bars, which provide extra support, when you are out in the most extreme positions and need maximal energy and support. Adidas call this new frame the Comfortframe and as the name also suggests, it just shows how highly Adidas value comfort on this boot.

Adidas have also changed the studs themselves. There have been fitted more and they have shrunk in size slightly. This gives a greater dispersion of pressure, as the stress on each stud is spread out on more studs. At the same time the studs are rounder, which also helps to give a better grip.

Adidas have with the new Adidas AdiPURE 11Pro really attempted to make a classic, even more classic and an already elegant boot, even more elegant. Slight improvement is the way forward, when improving a more than functional boot. This is why Adidas have made due with the few changes on the new Adidas AdiPURE 11Pro, but with this colourway, the boot is sure to get plenty of attention regardless.

If you want to get your hands on the new Adidas AdiPURE 11Pro II Purple/White, then check it out right here.

Adidas AdiPURE 11Pro II will definitely be easy to spot on the pitches around the world, thanks to its new design and bright new colour. What do you think about the boot? Is the new colour something you like? As always we would love to hear from you here, on Facebook and on Twitter.