The Unisport logo | Learn more about the evolution of the logo


Written by Zlatko

The Unisport logo has been representing us since 1995. But it hasn’t always had the same look throughout our 24-year lifespan. Read along to learn more about the logo’s history.

The Unisport logo

Back in the days Unisport started out as a local retail store, placed in the heart of Copenhagen. But throughout time Unisport has developed into becoming a world known football retailer, supplying passionate football fans in all ages around the world.

The Unisport logo has always represented football, either through the well-known green colour, which is synonymous with Unisport, but also through the logo’s playful design. Let’s take a closer look on the logo throughout the years.

1995 – The beginning of Unisport

Our journey started in 1995 in a humble location in the heart of Copenhagen. It started with a lettering of Unisport as logo. This was the start of something bigger and was the foundation of the passion for football #unisportlife.

1997 – Updated white Unisport logo

The Unisport logo was changed two years later and did now contain a white square around Unisport. This was the first time the logo included ‘Football shop’, which made a clear statement on what we were all about.

2002 – First circular Unisport logo

In 2002 we introduced the first ever circular Unisport logo, which also lies closer to the logo that you know from today. The font was made a bit fresher, while the green colour once again was included.

2003 – The introduction of the football

In 2003 we introduced, what you might associate Unisport with, the Unisport logo with a football. This clearly made our story strong, as our passion is all about football.

2015 – The Unisport you know

13 years later we adjusted our Unisport logo to the logo you know today. A simple and bold change was made, which gave a transparent Unisport logo, that stands strong on everything that has to do with Unisport.

May 2019 - The new Unisport

The new Unisport logo is ready! This new logo is a completely new direction when it comes to the design. The inspiration comes from the joy and passion of football. It embraces the creativity on the pitch, and is based on a classic dribble in a U-shape. The logo is a modern interpretation of Unisport and will be the future of football! We hope you like it as much as we do.