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It’s that time of the year – You can almost smell the homemade treats, the snow is falling, and on the radio, you can listen to your favourite Christmas tunes. In other words, it’s time for this year’s big Christmas shopping adventure! Get ready ahead of time and find the best Christmas gift ideas at Unisport!

While it's a season that stands for fun and cozy days with our loved ones it also means navigating through the Christmas shopping craze and dealing with an infinitely long wish list. But don’t worry, we are here to help! Whether you are looking to create your own wish list or find the best Christmas gifts for others, then you’ll surely find some inspiration here.

We have created a complete guide of the best football Christmas presents. So avoid the rumble and jumble from the shopping mall experience, and instead grab a drink of your choice, sit back, relax, and let us inspire and guide you through the many options and choices that Unisport has to offer.

Christmas gift ideas for football fans

When thinking about gifts for football fans, football shirts and scarves are among the first that come to mind. Today the choices are endless with more and more merchandise and badge related items available. Once you know what club the item should be related to, the next would be to decide on the product type. Are you going for beddings, shirts, badged training suit or something else, maybe a key chain or wallet?

If you are looking for a supporter's item, then find some inspiration from the link below. We have gathered some of the most popular Christmas gift ideas for football lovers in 2021, from beddings, shirts, ties and much more.

Go to Gift ideas for the supporters

Christmas gift ideas for the football kid

We all know just how difficult it can be to shop gifts for kids. We've got you covered with some great ideas, all perfectly suited for the little football player and fan.

Baby football kits for the future superstars

This is the perfect Christmas gift idea for all parents, uncles and the likes who wish to influence the babies choice of a favorite club at a very early age. Have your baby represent your favorite club in the cutest way possible. Pick among clubs like Manchester United, PSG, Liverpool and many more. The kits consists of shirts, shorts and socks and come in various sizes.

Get the cutest baby kit right here

Football boots for kids

A football boot is not just a football boot, it’s a passion, it’s science and it’s a big choice to make. Which brand and player do you identify yourself with? What position on the field do you play? What is your favorite color? Which surface do you play on? What technologies are important for you to get that extra speed, control and coolness on the ball? These are just some of the questions every baller need to answer before they pick their football boot.

But don’t worry - As one of the world’s biggest football retailers, we are here to help.

We have divided our huge collection of football boots into different categories, only consisting of football boots for kids. Each category explains what you can expect of the given type of football boot, and serve as a guide for you to make the right choice.

See our huge selection of kids football boots with socks, Nike boots for kids, adidas boots for kids or indoor shoes for kids and find the perfect Christmas gift for kids.

Or get a complete overview of football boots for kids

Football shirts for Kids

If you or your kid is a fan of a specific club, then a safe choice is to get a football shirt. And luckily for you, Unisport have one of the worlds biggest assortments of football shirts for kids.

This year some of the most popular shirts are from Liverpool FC, Chelsea, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain.

If you are looking to represent another club, then check out the football shirts for kids page.

Winter and training wear for kids

Christmas is a synonym for cold weather. For some, this might be an excuse to skip training, where for others this is an opportunity to take advantage of the weather conditions. If you are that person, then do not let the winter and cold weather ruin your chances of working out and becoming a beast during the winter season. Your competitors might be at home eating Christmas food - this is your chance to overtake them. Always remember, “Hard work beats talent”. Do you agree, but don’t have the right equipment, then have a closer look at our recommendations for this years winter season gifts.

adidas Condivo pants

Are you looking for the right training pants, then the adidas Condivo is a safe choice. These pants er very popular, because of their nice look and the adidas ClimCool-technology, which keeps you cool, comfortable and and dry.

Explore the adidas Condivo collection here

Nike Player Gloves

What’s more annoying than feeling like your hands are falling off due to the freezing weather? Nothing, right! It is literally one of the areas on the body you want to protect the most, because let’s just face it, it can be next to impossible not to be distracted when you feel like your fingers are falling off. Avoid the pain of cold fingers, and the chances of not being able to keep your focus on the game with Nike Player Gloves Academy Hyperwarm in black and white. The gloves are made of a hyperwarm tech for keeping your hands warm and dry, and is a must-have during the cold winter training.

Get the Nike Player Gloves Academy Hyperwarm

Nike winter jacket Academy 18

Last but not least, is the importance of keeping you warm after you’re done with your training. Have you ever noticed what the first thing a pro-player does after being substituted? He or she puts on a warm jacket. This routine is important to prevent illness and to prevent injury. Imagine you’ve just played a high intensity game that made you feel really hot, and then get substituted and end up sitting in the cold weather on the bench. Not funny, right? And what’s even worse, this can leave you susceptible to catching a cold or picking up a virus. Furthermore, your muscles can become cold too quickly and become injured. To avoid this, we strongly recommend that you put on a winter jacket right after your training. One of the most popular winter jackets for kids in 2021 is the Nike winter jacket Academy 18 in black and white. The jacket not only looks awesome, its functionality of keeping you protected against wind and bad weather is uncompatible, and is a product we highly recommend at Unisport.

Get the Nike winter jacket Academy 18 for kids here

All in one kids collection

Are you still not sure what to wish for or what to surprise a football kid with, then we have collected way more Christmas gift ideas in our category Gift ideas for the football kid. Have a look, and we promise that you’ll be inspired on a whole new level.

Browse through the entire assortment of Gift ideas for the football kid

Winter season dressed in adult sizes

Nike winter jacket Academy 18

The Nike winter jacket Academy 18 in black and white is also available in adult sizes, and our opinion of it is no different from the kid sizes. If you are in need of a winter jacket, then we still strongly recommend this model. The functionalities are the same as for the kids version, but the size is obviously a bit larger. Get the awesome looking jacket at Unisport and don’t spend a single more minute freezing on the bench.

Get the Nike winter jacket Academy 18 or another of our winter jackets for adults here

Nike Strike Snood neck warmer

And now it’s time for a classic - No wishlist for the footballer without the crazy popular Nike Strike Snood neck warmer. Since the introduction of the Nike neck warmer, this has been on the top of the list of popular products every year, and this year is no different. Stay protected and face the cold winter in the Nike Strik Snood neck warmer - Always a great Christmas gift for the footballer.

Explore the popular Nike Strike Snood and other neck warmers here

Gift ideas for Goalkeepers

The goalkeeper is by far one of the most vital players on the field. Even though the goalie often does not move as much as the players in the field, the few times he really needs to be quick on his feet are what can change the outcome of the match. And exactly for this reason alone, the equipment of a goalkeeper needs to be perfect.

We have gathered our recommendations of the most essential products for a goalkeeper to perform on the highest level.

See our huge assortment of Christmas gift ideas for the goalkeepers

Christmas gift ideas for female football players and fans

As women's football is getting more and more popular the big brands are releasing more football products for women than ever before, and this year's Christmas season is no different. So are you looking for a gift for women on the pitch, then Unisport, and more specifically this section is the right place for you to get the big overview.

Football boots for women

Unisport has one of the world's greatest selections of football boots for women, from all the biggest brands, in all colorways and price ranges. Just have a look at our football boots for women section.

Nike tights

Escape the cold during the winter season, with one of the most popular gifts for the football queen this year. We present the Nike Pro Compression Tights. The tights are made with Nike’s well-known Dri-FIT material, which diverts sweat away from the body, so you are kept dry and comfortable.

Escape cold and get the tights for women here

Football shirts for women

Is it instead a womens football shirt you are searching for, then we have created an entire section only including football shirts for women. Pick shirts from the biggest and most popular clubs and national teams in the world like Manchester United, Liverpool, Juventus and many more.

If you need even more inspiration, then visit our category page - Gift ideas for the football queen

Gift ideas for the indoor season and the Freestyle Champ

It is the season of indoor football, and just like for the outdoor season, the importance of wearing the right equipment can’t be stressed enough. Some of the most popular indoor shoes in 2021 are the Nike Premier II Sala IC, adidas Spezial and Nike React Gato. Furthermore we highly recommend the indoor version of the Nike Mercurial.

The choices are many, therefore we've made it easy for you with this updated 2021 guide for picking the best indoor football shoes.

Visit our Gift ideas for the Freestyle Champ

Gift ideas for the training freak

Do you also describe yourself as a training freak, or do you need to get a gift for a training freak you know, then here comes our recommendation of almost an entire outfit, including products all carefully picked to fulfill every need.

adidas Ultra Boost

Starting with the running shoes, we recommend the popular adidas Ultra Boost. The shoe is a light and comfortable running show, which gives you the best possible conditions. It is packed with crazy technologies, among other the revolutionizing Boost midsole, which is designed to ensure an efficient energy transfer with every step you take.

Get the adidas Ultra Boost here

adidas Alphaskin Tights

Second is the, for some highly underrated tights. However, tights are actually a more powerful weapon than you might think. The function of tights is to improve your blood circulation and thereby optimize your performance in a comfortable way. This year we recommend the adidas Baselayer Alphaskin Sport Tights in Black. The baselayer collection Alphaskin is an evolution of the iconique Tech Fit collection, that has been dominating the base layer market for years. The tights are fitted with adidas Climacool technology, to keep you dry and comfortable at all times. It works by removing sweat and moisture from your skin, so you stay dry. The tights are made from 83% polyester and 17% spandex, and have a perfect fit so you can wear them beneath your shorts or training pants.

Get the adidas Baselayer Alphaskin Sport Tights and all our other adidas baselayer here

Nike Baselayer

When you say "A" for “adidas tights”, then you also have to say "B" for “Baselayer shirts”. The baselayer shirt we recommend is the Nike Pro Compression with long sleeves. The function of a base layer shirt is to keep your body dry and comfortable, while securing you a natural and great mobility, and this is exactly what the Nike Pro Compression is all about.

Explore our range of Nike baselayer

Nike Sweatpants

Now for the pants. Since it is winter and we probably have even colder days ahead, we recommend the Nike Sweatpants Tech Fleece. The training pants is from a collection created by Nike in a close cooperation with Cristiano Ronaldo and they are built to keep you warm. The innovative fleece material have a unique thermal construction, which locks in your body heat, thus keeping you warm - The perfect pants for the winter season.

Get the Nike Sweatpants Tech Fleece

Our entire selection of Gift ideas for the training freak

Still not sure what to get? Fear not.

Visit our selection of handpicked products for the training freak

Gift ideas for the superstar player

Do you really want to treat the superstar player, by giving him or her the best of the best of the best, like in the latest technologies and latest colorways? Then we have you covered. Unisport is synonym for premium, and we of course offer all the latest football products in the highest quality - even the same products as the professionals are wearing on the pitch.

The Nike Flight football

You can't play without a football. And one of the best footballs in our opinions is the Nike Flight football. This ball is the future of football, and it's made with hours and hours of research. The ball is based on the Aerowsculpt tech, which is stabilizing the flow and trajectory of the football with 30%. The ball is so good, that it's being used in the Premier League and Serie A, which means this is the exact ball that players such as Mohamed Salah, Kevin De Bruyne and Cristiano Ronaldo are playing with.

Check our collection of Nike Flight balls here

Football boots for the superstar player

We have gathered our recommendations on some of the most insane football boots in the slider below - pick the one you like the most and read in detail about the functionalities of the boot.

Track you performance with Catapult One SmartVest

Be hold everybody - This is your chance to take it to the next level, and compare yourself with the pro players - It is time to add some brain and data to the beautiful game of football - We introduce Catapult One SmartVest, a FIFA approved tracking system, that enables you to track your speed, distance and positioning on the pitch. With the Catapult One app you can even compare your stats to other players, even pro-players. This is a game-changer, and should be on the top of the wish list of every upcoming superstar player.

Get the Catapult One SmartVest right here

Are these the best shin guards ever?

We introduce the Liiteguard Performance set. The set includes both football socks and a malleable shin pad and is the perfect gift for the Superstar player. The shin pad is made of a unique plastic that is malleable at just 61 degrees, after which you can shape the shin pad to fit your legs perfectly. The sock is made in a cutting-edge vowing technique, with a medically proved compression fit for improved blood flow.

Get the Liitguard Performance set

Visit our huge Christmas Shop

That concludes our best Christmas gift ideas for 2021 - We hope that we inspired you with some awesome gifts for the wishlist. However, if you’re still hungry for more Christmas gifts ideas, then we strongly recommend you to visit our huge Christmas Shop, where you can find everything your heart desires.

Browse through our Christmas shop for more inspiration

The last solution - A Unisport Giftcard

Are you still not sure what to wish for or give your beloved one, then do not worry! As a final resort, we introduce the Unisport Gift Card. With a Unisport gift card, you can never go wrong. Just choose the amount the Gift Card should contain, order the gift card, receive it in your mailbox, and lastly print it – Simple as that!

And to make it all a bit more personalized, Unisport provides you the opportunity to pick your own design. Choose designs from some of the biggest clubs in football like Liverpool, Juventus, Barcelona, and Manchester United.

Get a Unisport Gift Card today

No Christmas without a Christmas Advent Calendar

Do you, like us, just love football, then this is your chance to test your football knowledge and at the same time have the chance of winning an AWESOME PRIZE.

Let us present the Unisport Christmas Advent Calendar.

Each day during Christmas, you’ll be able to open a door in our calendar. Each door will reveal a question for you to answer. The questions are all related to football and Unisport. For every correct answer, we add a lot to your pool. The more doors you open and answer correctly, the more lots will be added to your pool and thereby the higher chance of you winning - Easy as that. A total of 24 questions will be available during Christmas, one per day.

And remember, you can sign up during the entire Christmas season. Take a chance, show your expertise and win the prize!

Sign up to the Unisport Christmas Calendar here

Merry Christmas to you all from Unisport

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