Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 | New Single’s Day-inspired colourway


Written by Milan

It’s been a while since Nike released a new colourway for the Mercurial silos. But, as the Single’s Day period is ongoing, this is about to change. Please give the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 ‘Single’s Day’ a warm welcome!

Last time we saw a launch of Mercurial boots was with the Nike Mercurial Dream Speed, which incorporated a somewhat cold, but nevertheless cool colour. Now Nike releases a fiery and heated new colourway for the Vapor edition - a total contrast to the previous launch. But for a good reason. Get warm with the images below:

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The essential elements with this special treat from Nike is that the colours of love are used to single out this Vapor from the other current colourways, making it an ideal boot to treat yourself with, as Single’s Day is just around the corner.

Though, it may not be a flaming red boot, but we still think that the orange colour conveys the message sufficiently. Other than that, the boots include a black upper, with the swoosh being carried out in white, while a subtle, orange Nike swoosh can likewise be spotted on the toe box.

In regards to the soleplates, they are mostly orange, black and iridescent white, and the “Merc” and “Just do it” lettering is imprinted too, while another small, white Nike swoosh is added. A Vapor you truly can’t resist not falling in love with immediately.

Don’t wait till the Single’s Day period is over and the boots are gone, as they are manufactured in a limited amount worldwide, hence making the boots a genuine collectors item.

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