adidas Locality | Another playful collection


Written by Milan

The new Locality collection celebrates the final stage of an unprecedented 2019/20 season and rounds up the Art of Football design language, creating an unmissable moment of surprise on the field of play when the world will be watching.

With the football pitch as their canvas, adidas have dropped a new collection where players can express their creativity with a vibrant colour palette inspired by the brush strokes of the preceding Uniforia collection. However, instead of being all-white and encompassing the so-called brush stroke design, this time, the boots are one-coloured, making you really stand out on the pitch. Football is back, so why not celebrate it wit yet another launch, so take a moment to enjoy the colourful masterpieces below before we look at the details.

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The new collection from adi features the Predator, X and the Copa silos, and as mentioned in the beginning, each boot has a unique color associated and inspired by the Uniforia, giving it substantial visibility on pitch. But let’s look at them boot by boot, as we always do.

Starting off with the Predator, the boots are all-red and feature some of the same ‘pop’ colours that likewise appear on the Uniforia edition.

The X on the other hand is all-pink, and adidas have truly chosen an audacious colourway for this one, while the three stripes are finished in the somewhat same pink-ish colours.

Last but not least, the Copa features the always popular and stunning volt / green colours, completing the collection with mesmerizing and spectacular colourwauys.

The tech’s remain the same as the previous versions for all three adidas silhouettes.

Locality Pack will inspire creativity within football creators looking for unique outcomes and bringing the magic of the human touch to the game.

Oh, and did we mention that the delivery is still fast as the boots, and that you can get FREE PRINT on the new cleats? Well, now you know.

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