Tottenham home shirt 2021/22 | Celebrating Spurs’ crest anniversary


Written by Lasse

You probably didn’t know that Tottenham Hotspurs was the first club to play a full season with a crest on their shirt. And that fact is actually the center of attention on the new Tottenham home shirt from Nike. Read more about how below!

There are a few different ways to check if another fan is with or against you - to see if the person is a fellow fan or from one of the rivals. You could look at the colour of the shirt or the name on the back - but the easiest way to distinguish your club’s fans from your rivals’ fans is by looking at the crest, you’ll find on the chest of the other fan. That’s why a club’s crest probably is one of the most important symbols nowadays. Within the crest, you’ll find the club’s identity, character and heart.

In fact, having a crest on the shirt hasn’t always been the standard. Tottenham Hotspurs was actually the first club in the world to play a full season with a crest on their shirt. And that is 100 years ago. So in order to mark the 100th year anniversary of Spurs wearing a crest for a full season, this new home shirt focuses on just that.

Tottenham home shirt 2021/22

The new Tottenham home shirt for the upcoming season is of course predominantly white. Who doesn’t love a white shirt? And to be honest - at first look, that is the only few words that describes the new shirt. But if you look closely at the new shirt, you’ll find some nice details. On the side panels of the shirt, you’ll find a subtle floral pattern. And most importantly, Nike has added Tottenham’s first ever logo inside the collar. A very unique detail to the shirt.

Besides being a white shirt with the above mentioned details, the new home shirt features a navy crest and navy Nike logo. To us, white and navy are always a sweet combination. And we like that the shirt isn’t making too much noise. It’s classy, elegant and simply good looking.

If you also think that the new home shirt for Tottenham is classy, elegant and good looking, then you can buy it right here at Unisport!