It’s not always been easy if you’re a girl and want to play football in Afghanistan, but today Hummel have unveiled the new home- and away-kits for the country, as well as something extra special to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Playing football with a hijab is just as impractical as it sounds. That’s why, together with the new Afghanistan kits, Hummel have also released an accompanying baselayer hijab, so the countries female players also get to play and enjoy the beautiful game with the same degree of performance as the men's team. A brilliant way of celebrating Afghanistan's proud heritage, as well as hopefully inspiring young girls and women in the Middle East to play more football.

The shirts themselves are made with great inspiration from Afghanistan’s history and most noble design arts, such as calligraphy, jewellery and wood carving. Tapping into the proud culture, Hummels designers created the lion motif, which is integrated into the front of the shirts and represents a commitment to equality and courage.

The more you explore the stunning Afghanistan shirt, the more little details you discover and the more you start to realise this means much more to the players than just an average football shirt.

If you want to show your support, then you can find the new Afghanistan kits, both for men and women and the special baselayer hijab right here.