Now Christmas is really rolling and an entire week of December is donezo. Our Christmas in Unisport WebTV team make sure the Christmas spirit is always good and continue our series with a new episode every day of December. Today they do the classic ‘Build-a-kit’-challenge, where the guys duel for bragging rights and try to find out who can design the best kit. You can win the best one, so you wanna make sure to cast your vote too!

Christmas In Unisport always has a competitive edge to it and today’s challenge is one you really want to win. It’s basically thousands of people judging whether or not you have any style or not. You don’t wanna end up looking a fool. I obviously have a favorite, but I’ll try not to sway your vote by calling out my winner. You should enter the competition however and get the chance to win the complete match kit.

Today we bring back the Build-A-Kit challenge, where JayMike, PWG and Luca have to build a match kit in 15 minutes. All...

Posted by on Monday, December 7, 2015

Click the post above and like your favourite, then you will be in with a chance of winning the best one. GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!

There are some, ehh “different” colour schemes going on, but all three would still be pretty nice to get a hold of for the winter season. Watch the video and celebrate Christmas in style!