Adidas have really begun their march onto the small-sided game and continue to release their newest colourways to the courts and cage pitches around the world. Therefore, following in the wake of the new colourway unveilings for their football boots, adidas now present the Ace Cage and X Court Primeknit shoes.

I was quick to slate the X15 colourway, when I saw it on the football boot version, because I just wasn’t feeling the colour composition, but it’s pretty insane how big a difference it can make, when you change one simple thing. They haven’t done anything other than turn the sole on the Court model black, but for me it just makes a massive difference! I completely love it now, just because they changed that one little thing, which is a little scary to think about, when I look back at other boots I didn’t like at first.

I always liked the Ace football boot and that doesn’t change with the Cage version either. Simple black and white upper and a little pink on the sole that you can show off, after you have left your opponent in the dirt. Top stuff from adidas and one of, if not the best, Ace colourway since the boot was released this summer.

Find the new adidas Ace Cage and X Court right here.

Both the two boots are made with a Primeknit upper, which means it doesn’t matter if you pick the court or the cage version, you get the same exceptional comfort. I like ‘em a lot, both on the technological side and the look. Where do you stand? Thumbs up or thumbs down?