The adidas X15 has been making waves since its introduction this summer. Apart from the mostly white colourway, which was released this morning, the new boots for the chaotic player have so far stuck to mainly three colours - black, silver and neon. This new colourway does incorporate two of them, but does bring something completely new to the table, with a Solar blue accent tone.

The new X15 comes hand in hand with the introduction of an Ace15 and another X15 model. We will however most likely not be seeing any of them on the feet of our favourite adidas superstars , which I think is a real shame, because the White/Solar Blue/Core Black version really strikes me as a boot that would look amazing on the pitch.

It’s a great mixture of calm colours and flair, which compliments the very unique and lava lamp-ish X15 design very well. I don’t know if I’m ready to call it the best one yet, but it’s certainly in and among the very best so far.

We have already got the new adidas X15 White/Solar Blue/Core Black on stock now and you can get a hold of it right here.

The people I’ve asked around the office are all in agreement, this is definitely a colourway worthy of some on-pitch love from professional athletes. We don’t know if it will happen, but we certainly hope to see either Bale, Suarez, or one of their boot-brothers in them.

adidas are really going hard today, with not one, but two X15 unveilings in one day. We aren’t complaining one bit, because it just means there’s more awesome new boots for us to show you. What do you think about this new colourway? Dope, or dreadful?