October has been a wild ride, but now the month is coming to an end. There have been plenty of releases from all the biggest brands for us to enjoy and as always at the end of the month, we give you a review of all the best launches.

The month started off with one of the busiest days of the year so far, with PUMA and adidas going launch bananas. PUMA went first and unveiled a blue colourway for their evoSPEED, which honestly is one of the best colourways for the boot ever if you ask me. I’m a huge fan and it would appear Marco Reus and the other evoSPEED players are too, because they almost instantly picked it up.

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Like I said, adidas were not to be outdone and unveiled their regular Ace15 and X15 in the colourways we had seen them use on the Primeknit boots previously. This definitely made a lot of people happy, because some do still prefer the revolutionising adidas boots without the Primeknit upper.

Now they had the ball rolling and adidas followed up on their new football boots, with Indoor court and street cage version of their Ace15 and X15 boots, both with and without Primeknit. You definitely can’t complain about a lack of options from adidas, because they now have every single surface covered with several different types of boot. We love it!

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In the meantime, New Balance had also been working on something of their own, as they presented their Visaro and Furon boots in blackout and whiteout colourways. They were very, very well received, both by us, but most certainly also from all of you. It’s no great mystery why either, because blackout and whiteout boots are always absolutely sensational.

October was another pretty busy month and another contributor to that was Umbro, who had a colourway update for both their boots ready. I doubt Umbro designed it that way, but in time we have come to call the new Velocita and UX-2 the unofficial Unisport colourway, so needless to say that we are fans.

Nike were in no way low on launches this month either, as they released new colours for their FootballX street shoes. Now you have new shoes for dominating the street game and humiliating your friends with pannas.

The big star of the show however came when Nike unveiled the Mercurial Superfly CR7 ‘Savage Beauty’ - a signature colourway built for Cristiano Ronaldo and inspired by his volcanic home island Madeira. The lava print graphic on the front looks siiiick and it even better on the pitch, when he wore them this afternoon.

If you are a fan of CR7, you definitely won't want to miss out on the new Mercurial Superfly 'Savage Beauty'.

In our book it’s not officially the end of summer before Nike reveal their yearly Hi-Vis ball, and they did so at the start of the month. Some of you might have noticed that the Ordem III Hi-Vis ball was already used last weekend in the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A, so I guess we have to face it now, winter is coming.

Busy month with lots and lots of new stuff for all of us to enjoy. I’m struggling a little to pick my favourite launch this month, but it was probably either the green Velocita, or the blue PUMA evoSPEED. Which was yours?