You could accuse the adidas design team of having the Bayern Munich kit juuuust a little too much in mind, when they sat down to make this new colourway for the Predator Instinct. That being said, it’s hard not to be seduced by the stripy design, which gives a brand new expression to adidas’ most iconic boot silo. We zero in on the model here.

Adidas spent all of last year celebrating their Predator-collection. It was 20 years ago that the first Predator was introduced and saw the light of day. Therefore nothing but a new generation for the football boot that revolutionized the football world would do. The new Predator Instinct was all almost all the way through inspired by the Battle Pack design, but now adidas are ready to put that design behind them.

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New year, new design it would seam and it definitely stands out. Coming with a campaign titled #ThereWillBeHaters adidas have created a new visual look for their Predator. With the new Predator Instinct adidas also updated the characteristic SL rubber zones, so they were more aggressive and prominent on the upper. With the new design adidas really accentuate the five Lethal Zones further.

With an equal split of colours and the eye-catching zig-zag pattern the zones are made with, the boot has a very unique visual expression, which definitely lives up to the Predator spirit. The combination of colour on this boot is blue, red and white, which will definitely look killer when paired with the Bayern Munich home-kit.

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The boot itself sticks to its functional identity as we have gotten to know it throughout 2014. This means that the upper is still developed with the soft Hybridtouch material, fully equipped with the five Lethal Zones that each serve to improve a specific facet of your play.

In addition, adidas have also added the innovative Control Frame, which is developed to provide an additional element in connection with the ball grip. Adidas have developed this material with the goal of delivering increased grip to the sole. Moreover, they have gone with a transparent design, hereby adding an extra dimension to the new Predator Instinct.

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The new design on the Predator Instinct looks very promising, and once adidas have gotten over their Bayern Munich “trance”, we cannot wait to see that is in store for us. What are your thoughts on the design? Is it a hit or a miss? Take your football passion to a social level and share your thoughts on Facebook and Instagram.