The are more hungry than ever before and are ready for a triumph. Football loving Argentina is getting ready for the World Cup in their neighbouring country of Brazil, and Adidas have delivered a brand new shirt for the purpose.

It is the biggest thing you can achieve; winning a world championship. Argentina hasn't don't this since 1986, but now the football loving country is starting to get the hope up towards another triumph, and the preparations and hype for the World Cup has really picked up now, as Adidas have launched a brand new shirt for the Argentinians.

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The last time Argentina won the World Cup it was the legendary Diego Maradona, who played himself into the football hearts across the globe in the classic Argentinian sky blue and white stripes. Nowadays the big star is called Lionel Messi, who will try to repeat what Diego Maradona did, now with the brand new home shirt from Adidas.

The shirt has a simplistic design with the classic wide sky blue stripes running down the shirt. In addition, there has been room for the modernity that represents the believe the youth and the future, which is very strong in the footballing country. The shirt is made with the Adidas Adizero technology, which ensures that the shirt will stay light and dry no matter the conditions you are playing in.

Around the stomach you can see some smaller light and white stripes that provide the shirt with a more modern look. The shirt is hereby a mix of both tradition and future, and it will be exciting to see if the Argentinians, in about a year, will be able to look back at this shirt as the one that secured them another World Championship.

Are you looking to support Messi and Argentina at the World Cup? Then secure your shirt right here.

With Lionel Messi as the leading figure, it's not surprising that the expectations for Argentina are rather high for the World Cup. If they will be able to live up to the expectations, only time will tell; the new shirt is definitely ready for victory. What do you think of the new shirt? And do you believe Argentina are able to go all the way in the World Cup? As always, feel free to leave a comment either here, or on Facebook and Twitter.