The winter is rapidly getting closer, and instead of complaining over the weather, we have decided to create a new campaign site where we take a closer look at the equipment that can help make your winter a bit warmer and a lot more comfortable.

It is happening slowly but surely. The temperature is dropping, it is getting darker and the cold winter is creeping in on us. This does not mean that you will have take take a break form our beloved football and switch it out with the television- or computer screen. If you are wearing the right equipment there's no reason not to stay warm and keep training during the winter.

An important part of any proper footballers winter bag is functional base layer gear; and the Nike Pro Hyperwarm provides just that. Not only does it keep your body warm, it also wicks sweat and moisture from your body. The same thing can be said about the Under Armour ColdGear, which has been technologically developed to ensure that your body doesn't lock down in the cold. You can see much more of both collection on our new campaign site.

If you are looking to improve, there's no getting around training. The best footballers train hard every day and have just the right equipment to get the job done. With the tracksuits from both Nike, Puma and Adidas you will get equipment, which is designed and optimised to ensure that your daily training can be facilitated without any issues, and we have of course also looked into the excellent tracksuits in the campaign.

It is however not just the upper body and legs, which struggle in the cold. Both the top of your head, fingers and neck are some of the areas, where most heat escapes. This is why it is all about having the right hats, gloves and neckwarmers. On the campaign-site there is plenty of equipment to explore, from Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Premier Sock Tape, Craft and Hummel.

Just like you can quickly lose heat during winter, you can also quickly get out of shape during winter. If you do not keep running and get your pulse up, at least a few times a week. Nike have launched several of their running shoes with the Shield-technology, which makes sure the shoe is resistant to wind and water, which makes it perfect for winter. At the same time their shoes have reflexes, so you are easy to spot in the dark. You can see more of the shoes on our campaign-site.

If you are missing the sound of our WebTV host Jakob’s voice, guiding you through what the different products can do, then you can watch his review of the winters most important gear right here.

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If you want to be certain of having the right equipment for the winter, then there is plenty of reason to go exploring on our new campaign-site. You can enter the site directly by clicking the banner above. Do you keep playing football in the winter? And what equipment is always a part of your winter bag? We would love to hear your comments here, on Facebook and on Twitter.