When the season is kicked off, it is important to be in good shape and therefore, we here take a look at two new Nike running shoes. They have both been optimised in every way, so they are delight to wear and give you the right amount of propulsion. So now it's time to get off that sofa and go for a run!

If you want to get in good shape for the beginning on the new season, there is no way around it. You need to lace those running shoes and attack the summer terrain, so you can clock in some kilometres. Admittedly we have tried getting in shape by lying on the sofa, but it just doesn't seem to be doing the trick. However with these new Nike running shoes, the runs might even be fun, rather than a necessary evil.

This is no light task and we tip our hat to the involved people working at Nike. They have optimised and developed the already brilliant Nike LunarGlide and Nike Flywire, which we will take a look at now. Hopefully it will inspire you to take the first steps off the otherwise luring sofa.

Nike LunarGlide +5 is Nikes latest version of the very popular Lunarglide series, which is a very light running shoe, where lots of effort has been put into lifting the general feel to the boot and raising the comfort. All of this without compromising the stability, which you need when running, to avoid injury.

One of the most important elements in a running shoe is the sole, as it is essential when absorbing the shocks you might get, when running. Shock absorption is something there has been worked on intensely throughout the generations and in this shoe you find the special Lunarlon-foam, which the sole is built up around, so your body is well protected.

If you would like to get your hands on the new Nike Lunarglide +5, then you can order the shoe right here – just €120.

Traditionally running shoes have focused on padding in the heel, but Nike have added support throughout the entire sole. This makes the shoe perfect for neutral, or mildly and moderately pronated runners and if you are not quite sure what all of that means, then the explanation follows here.

Almost every runner in the world has a running style, which is categorised as pronation. It means that after your foot makes contact with the ground, it drops inwards to a certain degree, which is used to make three categories: Mild pronation, moderat pronation and over-pronation. The smaller your pronation is, the less support you need. The ones who don't drop inwards at all are called neutral runners.

With the clever Lunarlon foam, the Nike Lunarglide +5 supports the entire foot, which makes it very good for a wide range of running styles. Also to help stability you find an external heel cap on the Lunarglide +5, which locks your foot in place and saves you from twisting your ankle.

If you would like to get your hands on the new Nike Lunarglide +5, then you can order the shoe right here – just €120.

The upper on the shoe is built up around the well known Flywire-technology, which is a row of wire that runs on the inside of the shoe and locks the foot in place, so you don't slide around in your shoe. This is an excellent way of preventing injury and enjoying a comfortable run. The Flywire tightens in accordance to the lacing, which gives a close and locked in fit.

But if you're running in the summer heat, you can't be wearing a shoe that feels like a sauna after a couple of miles. This is why Nike have made the upper from their dynamic mesh-material, which ensures high levels of breathability and comfort, as it is very thin and perforated, so it offers maximal ventilation.

If you are aiming for a little more than just a gentle jog in the summer warmth and need something that breathes even more. Then we recommend taking a look at the Nike Flynit Lunar 1+, which is developed for the serious runner, who runs several thousand miles a year and demands the very best in ventilation.

Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+ is produced from the very best materials and just like you see it in the Lunarglide +5, you find the very light and supportive Lunarlon-foam. This, as previously mentioned, makes it very light and shock absorbing, as well as giving the runner the best possible kick off.

But unlike the Lunarglide +5, you do not find the external heel counter on the Nike Flynite Lunar 1+. It is designed for the serious runner, who demands only the best from his, or her gear, so it will keep them cool throughout a marathon for example.

If you would like the new Nike Flynit Lunar 1+, you can order the shoe right here – just €152.

To keep the foot in place on the Flynit there has also been used the very dynamic Flywire technology, which the upper is built up around and offers maximal support around the mid foot. This help propel you forward and charge past that bench, which otherwise looks ohh so inviting.

The upper is comprised of the very unique flyknit-material, which is made from the very thin, but still incredibly strong threads, which offer great ventilation and flexibility, while still keeping the foot in place in vital areas. It is also incredibly light, which makes it an very popular choice among marathon runners, who not only aim to complete, but also compete.

If you would like the new Nike Flynit Lunar 1+, you can order the shoe right here – just €152.

The work on the Nike Flynit Lunar 1+ has been underway for 4 years and during the design process, many marathon athletes have been given advisory roles. They wanted a shoe that felt like a sock, but gave adequate stability and delivered mile upon mile.

So whether you just want to gently jog around the local lake, or if your going for a several hour long run, then Nike have the running shoe for you. So what are you waiting for, get off the sofa and get ready for the new season!

Nike have also continued the theme of black colours from their running shoes, with the introduction of the Stealth-Pack. So if you have already decided on a new pair of running shoes, but find yourself still missing a new pair of football boots, then here is a little run through of the four Nike silo's in the Stealth-Pack.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom no longer needs a presentation. It is a boot that we have already seen on the feet of some of the worlds very biggest stars. The first batch of Hypervenom have just landed on stock, so it won't be long now before anyone who has ordered them, can use its deadly agility, to be unpredictable. With this Hypervenom you can also look sharp as a tack while doing it too.

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX is a boot, which excels at explosive speed and it is therefore often accompanied by an equally explosive colourway. This is however not the case this time, as the iconic and legendary boot, which we know and love so much, lands in a cool black colour.

Nike CTR360 Maestri III is the benchmark for just about every other control boot on sale and it would seem that Nike also have a design team to match. With this Stealth-version Nike have created a boot, which is not just born to be worn, but also born to be seen, because the brilliant design is sure to catch the adoration of onlookers. Players like Wilshere, Balotelli and Iniesta will definitely be tempted by this colourway in the coming season.

Nike Tiempo Legend IV is in its own right a very classic boot, but when you then black it out, it just about doesn't get any more classic than that. You can imagine Pirlo gliding the ball into the back of the net, with such superiority that makes you run out of superlatives. If you want to match his supreme skill, then this boot is definitely a good place to start.

With the Nike Lunarglide +5 and Nike Flyknit 1+ the American sports giant have produced two incredibly nice running shoes, which also look ace and match the cool Stealth-Pack. What do you think about the running shoes? We would love to know in the comment-section down below, or on twitter and Facebook.