Nike Hypervenom Phantom – The Game Has Changed. The veil is lifted from Nike's brand new boot, which adds something completely new to the game. It is no longer enough to just be quick and technically gifted. You need to be unpredictable and impossible to read, this is exactly what the Hypervenom is made to help you be. We welcome “A New Breed of Attack” - a new race of strikers.

It has been long under way and for quite a while we have spotted stars from around the world, wearing black- and whiteouted variations of the boot, but now it is finally official. The Nike Hypervenom Phantom is here and we certainly do our bit, to make sure you know as much as there is to know about the new boot.

You can already now pre-order the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Black/Bright Citrus here, with an expected delivery in the end of July – just €192.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom replaces the T90-collection and that also means it will be getting massive player support from a great number of stars. The leading light will be the Brazilian prodigy Neymar, who is backed up by profiles like Rooney, Robert Lewandowski and Mario Balotelli. But what is it exactly we will be lacing around our feet? You can find out here.

If the defence doesn't know what is coming, they don't have any chance of preparing and anticipating. This is the idea behind the Nike Hypervenom, which will add an element of surprise to the game. The boot bases itself on suppleness and agility, which all the boots components work to improve. Nike have developed a brand new last for it, called X1.1, which has a very pointy nose and broad fit around the midfoot and heel.

This makes it possible for a wider range of players to fit the boot, but still keep the tight fit around the foot, which helps enhance the feeling of just playing with a sock. The close fit comes as a result of the newly developed NikeSkin, which is made from a shockingly low amount of layers, just 3. This way there is much less stopping you from reaching your full performance level.

NikeSkin was first introduced on the Elastico Pro II and Bomba Finale II from the Nike FC247-collection, but has now found its way to the Hypervenom Phantom. The revolutionising material sits very closely and shapes itself to accommodate the foots natural movements. Hypervenom will become at one with the foot and give the wearer the confidence to produce the unexpected and unpredictable on the pitch.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom is designed with an asymmetrical stitching, which is actually a little shorter, then what we are used to. This comes as a result of feedback given from players, who wanted a larger contact surface. This gives a big, clean strike area, which along with the NikeSkin-upper makes sure you get a perfect combination of tight touch and protection.

Underneath the boot Nike have also been busy and designed a segmented outsole, which follows the movements of the foot. Lots of power runs through the big toe and the outsole is therefore designed to keep it in contact with the ground for as long as possible. This, along with the internal and external torsionbars, makes for a very responsive and quick leap.

You can already now pre-order the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Black/Bright Citrus here, with an expected delivery in the end of July – just €192.

Now the Nike Hypervenom Phantom is finally official and we hope the tantalising wait, was not too unbareable. What are your immediate thoughts about the boot? Share your comments in the box down below and join the debate on Facebook and Twiiter.