The Unisport team is constantly growing and one of the latest players on the team is from Finland, is a bit of a Youtube celebrity and now teams up with Jakob to make WebTV – we officially welcome Joltter!

In today's episode of WebTV Jakob welcomes one of the newest members of the growing Unisport squad – Valtteri, who comes all the way from Finland.

Valtteri will be helping starting in Finland, as well as doing WebTV in English along with Jakob. Valtteri is definitely no stranger to the camera, as he is somewhat of a celebrity on Youtube, with his alias Joltter.

Here he shows off anything from freestyle tricks to stunning knuckleballs and you would think that there will be a couple of spectacular efforts in his time with us. We certainly hope so – and maybe Jakob could even learn a thing or two.

As Joltter and Jakob have a bit of a language barrier between them they alternate between Danish and English. If you need subtitles all you have to do is press the “CC-button”, then you will have subtitles for both the English and Danish part.

Joltter is already getting comfortable in his new Danish environment – and if you want to welcome him to Unisport, we are sure it would really brighten his day. Are you looking forward to seeing Joltter in WebTV?