Last week Nike sent all fans of the classic leather touch into serious hype-mode, as they unveiled the brand new Tiempo generation. Our webTV host JayMike has had the boots for a while and been testing them out, so he could be ready with a thorough review of the boots performance already now. Watch the video and get to know all there is to know about the new innovative boots from Nike.

Nike have really brought the full force of their innovation capabilities on the new boots. You might think that there isn’t much reinventing to be done on simple leather boots, but Nike have definitely showed that isn’t the case. Find out what the many changes are by watching our Nike Tiempo Legend 6 review.

Jakob is always thorough in his look at the new boots and leaves no stone unturned. His main focus is on the brand new upper construction, which Nike have completely revamped on the Tiempo Legend 6, so if you want an idea of what all their hard work has resulted in, then watch along.

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The Nike Tiempo Legend 6 already has lots of people excited and after giving them a run on the pitch Jakob can confirm that they can safely do so, because he sounded very impressed with the modern classic. Are you looking forward to trying them out too?