Here at Unisport we are sometimes lucky that the brands see it fit to spoil us a little bit, with various little gifts. This time round it’s Nike, who were kind enough to drop by with something extra special, in the shape of an awesome Hypervenom Tech Craft presentation box. It just doesn’t seem fair however that we get all the fun, so we decided to spoil a real Hypervenom fan in true Unisport style.

It’s go hard or go home with us. We don’t do anything half-arsed, so that’s why when we set out to surprise the completely unsuspecting young Hypervenom fan, we went for the full works. Killer Aston Martin for the delivery, the whole crew with us and of course the swanky Hypervenom Box.

I’ll have to admit it felt tough letting go of the new Nike Hypervenom Tech Craft Pack presentation box, but it deserved more than just standing as decoration at our office. Luckily Asger looked very chuffed with his gift, so we hope he gets good use out of the new boots. We certainly had fun presenting them.

Unfortunately it doesn't come with this kick ass presentation box, but you can still get the Tech Craft boots here.

Now as if the whole setup couldn’t possibly be more perfect, we had a little surprise when we showed up, because as it turns out it was Asger’s birthday too, so it was almost meant to be. What do you think of the presentation box and how would you react if we suddenly turned up on your doorstep with a box like it?