Adidas yesterday launched the latest signature boot for Lionel Messi, which is aptly named the Messi 10.1. It does however both look and feel like an f50 adizero, so what are the differences between the two boots actually? Come along, as Jakob heads to the studio in our latest edition of Tech Talk.

With the launch of the adidas Messi 10.1 Pibe de Barr10 the German brand thoroughly underlined the fact that if your name is Lionel Messi, you can expect some special treatment – and that includes getting a football boot named after you. Messi has for a long time and with devastating effect played in the f50 adizero, but the last two instalments of his signature boots have actually just been called the Messi 10.1.

The boot is however still based on the f50 adizero, only with a few modifications to suit the Argentinian wizard. Among these variations is the upper and the heel – and that is exactly what you can find out more about today, when Jakob goes full on tech-mode, with the new Messi 10.1 Pibe de Barr10.

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