They love you? – Fantastic. They hate you? – Even better! Welcome the new f50 adizero Tattoo Pack. It’s about expressing your creativity and personality. It’s about hate and love. About taking all the positive and negative energy and using it to create magic.

Are we the only ones getting a little dizzy? For the third time in less than a week adidas have delivered a new design for their f50 adizero. And if you thought the medieval design was out of control, well then there can be no words to describe this blistering new Tattoo Pack.

Adidas have been past a tattoo artist and gone all the way with the design, where they have, on the right boot placed a skull to underline the strength and power that players get, when met with hate. The left boot has on the other hand (Or foot rather) been made with clear and bright colours, to visualise the players love for the game.

The new f50 adizero Tattoo Pack is a Limited Edition. Find it right here.

It is expected that Luis Suarez will wear the new f50 adizero Tattoo Pack and who better to represent the fine line between hate and love than the Barcelona’s Uruguayan troublemaker? It will be exciting to see whether Luis Suarez scores his next goal with his right foot (hate), or left foot (love).

There’s no stopping adidas at the moment and they continue their charge, with their newest colourway for the f50 adizero. This Tattoo Pack comes as a Limited Edition, with just 1500 pairs worldwide, so if you want to get your hands on the boot, then you’ve got to be quick.