Earlier this month, Nike discretely revealed their latest football concept, NikeFootballX. The two shoes are based on Nike’s latest innovations, the Magista Obra and the Mercurial Superfly IV. Joltter managed to get a hold of Max Blau, vice director of Nike Football Footwear, to give us some insights in connection with the new collection.

Football was born long before the well kept grass pitches were developed. Long before the 22 players chasing a ball. Football was created in the streets. Back when the ball wasn’t necessarily round as a circle, and your football boot would be whatever you happened to have on your feet. The small sided football has always had an undeniable charm, something Nike have been aware of from day one.

FootballX is the new concept from Nike, and it takes innovation all the way into the heart and soul of football. Max Blau, who is one of the masterminds behind the concept explains:

We’re incorporating the best of FC247, with the best of the silo approach, and merging all of that into one much stronger product proposition for our consumers.” Hereby, Max Blau also explains that the addition of the MagistaX and MercurialX will also mean a farewell to the FC247. However, he is confident and assures that the spirit of the FC247 still will live on.

NikeFootballX includes two shoes - MagistaX and MercurialX. The MagistaX has incorporated the shock absorbing Lunarlon sole, as we know it from the Lunargato; whereas the MercurialX comes with the low profile sole that we know from the Elastico. Which of the two Nike football shoes will do it for you?