Fresh colours from Umbro for the Velocita and Medusæ


Written by Jonathan

Umbro are not among the biggest players on the field. But you got to give them credit for getting the best out of the situation. They have recently launched two new colour drops and you can see them here.

Let’s get it out there. Umbro are not the most popular brand when it comes to football boots. However, we really do think it’s a shame. The Velocita is undoubtedly one of the best speed boots out there. JayMike has previously even drawn parallels to the OG adidas f50 which, for those of you who remember it, was pretty freaking awesome! With adidas and Nike moving away from the lightweight sensation, Umbro are among the few that actually deliver quality lightweight boots, weighing in on just 165 grams.

Alternatively, Umbro recently launched a completely new silo called Medusæ. Apart from the alternative name, Umbro wanted to deliver a boot that brings the best of both worlds, by creating a combined upper of leather and synthetics. This is the third colour update that Umbro have made for their magical boot. Best one so far? I would definitely say so…

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