What happens when you sit down two football-crazy Unisport guys, hand them a subject, and give them 10 minutes to talk? Unisport Uncut is the answer. Now Jakob and Joltter are ready with Episode 5, where the subject is weight. How important is it? Come along and hear the boys thoughts.

We have so many different lightweight boots that are available on the market. The list is long; Vapor IX, Adizero, evoSPEED 1.2, Hypervenom, Diadora DD-NA etc. - all weighing in at less than 200 grams. But how important is the weight of a football boot really? And will you become faster by wearing lightweight boots? (hint: no)

Our Uncut concept is rather simple. We have skipped all the crazy effects, the fast cutting and the explosive background music. On the contrary we here deliver full on football nerd-mode and have asked Jakob and Joltter to put full focus on the subject and their opinions. This time around the subject is lightweight and what it is all about – and since this is a rather big subject , which we could go on about for a very long time, we have set the stopwatch to 10 minutes.

On the other hand Jakob and Joltter will try to spend the 10 minutes wisely, as they discuss low weight and what it means, and if it even matters.

The two boot nerds also look into how light a football boots can even be, and if they can actually become too light. Where the discussion takes them and what their opinions are, you can find out in video episode above.

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Besides talking weight, Jakob and Joltter also touch upon the latest autumn colourways in which Nike, Adidas and Puma have launched the speed boots. Do they like what they see? Come along and find out.

The whole lightweight debate is very interesting, and we would therefore love to hear your opinion. Feel free to share your thoughts in the box below, or on Facebook and Twitter. Do you wear lightweight boots yourself, wand what do you think of the concept of low weight boots?