The elegant leather boot, Nike Tiempo Legend IV, has also gotten a Hi-Vis colour update; and even though you are an elegant and classic boot, there is no reason not to stand out on the pitch. We now take a closer look at a true elegantier in loud and fresh colours.

If you are a fan of the classic virtues in connection with football boots, then the Nike Tiempo Legend IV is hard to miss. Kangaroo leather, sublime comfort, a soft and natural touch and then it's all wrapped up in a nice stylish and classy design with some sharp twists. And now this boot is even harder to miss as it has also been given a brand new Hi-Vis colour update.

And if you would still doubt the qualities of the Tiempo Legend IV, then you may just take a look at some of the names who wear the boot. Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique, Ashley Cole and Andrea Pirlo are among the players who step into the very comfortable and elegant boot both for match and training, and hereby enjoy its comfort and qualities.

Today it is actually only very few football boots that can boast a kangaroo leather upper, but the Nike Tiempo Legend IV is among the few. The forefoot of the upper is produced from the exclusive material, which is known for its softness and suppleness. After wearing the boots just a few times, the leather will adapt to the shape of your foot, to give you a personal fit that you will never get tired of.

Across the forefoot and the very nice kangaroo leather, runs a number of stitches. They have been placed in accordance with the fibres in the leather, which ensures that it doesn't stretch and expand more than necessary. Therefore, the boot may feel a little tight from the very beginning, but you will break it in quickly and the leather will expand to give you an optimal fit because of these specific stitches. In addition, they also created a number of little pads, that provide a soft an dampening touch on the ball.

In order to create even further stability on the boot, Nike have also used their synthetic Kanga-Lite, which takes over from the kangaroo leather from the midfoot and then goes back to the heel. The Kanga-Lite weighs less than the leather and takes up much less water, hereby ensuring that the boot weighs as little as possible and also it expands less when compared to natural leather.

Although it is among the more classic boots on the market, it is not made without modern technology. Nike have incorporated their ACC technology (All Conditions Control) into the upper, which ensures the same ball grip in wet conditions as you would have in the dry. The result is a consistent touch and good control that you will definitely enjoy. The ACC is worked into the upper during production, and will therefore not wear off and you can therefore enjoy its amazing effect for the full lifetime of your boots.

The stud configuration is classic with conical studs that provide a stable platform and great comfort without compromising the pitch grip. In order to improve the acceleration, Nike have equipped the boot with bladed studs on the heel and under the midfoot, which grips extra well and hereby facilitate a speedy kick-off.

Although we are talking about a classic boot, you should still be able to stand out on the pitch; and with the new Nike Tiempo Legend IV Hi-Vis, Nike merge the classic virtues with modern freshness resulting in a unique football boot. You can see much more of the new Nike Tiempo Legend IV and the other Nike boots from the Hi-Vis collection on our campaign site by clicking the banner just below.

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The Nike Tiempo Legend IV is a boot that most football players are familiar with, but this loud colourway is brand new and is a part of Nike's new Hi-Vis collection. What do you think of it? Are you looking to put on the loud colours? Feel free to leave a comment either here, or on Facebook and Twitter.