With Adidas these days it's like Christmas in July, as they continue to spoil us with new boot releases. This time it is the classic leather boot, the Adidas Adipure 11Pro's turn, which lands in three new colourways, one of which is the always popular SL-model. Check them out here.

The sun is shining and it is the season for self-indulgence, with summer holidays leaving people with plenty of time for football. Now you can spoil yourself with one of these three Adidas Adipure 11Pro colourways, which the German boot specialists have presented us with.

Adidas launch two sharp colourways for the nice Adidas Adipure 11Pro, as well as a fresh colourway for the lighter little brother Adidas Adipure 11Pro SL. With the prospect of seeing boots like these in action, there is no need to curb your enthusiasm, because we are dealing with quality football boots.

You can already now order the new elegant version of the Adidas Adipure 11Pro series right here – just €141.

The popular Adidas Adipure 11Pro, which has stormed onto the boot market in style, will be launched in a Running White/Metallic Gold/Black colour and like it is the custom with Adidas, a completely blackouted version. This springs the question, which do you like the best – white, or black football boots?

If you answered white boots, then you will probably be happy to hear that the lighter Adipure relative, the Adidas Adipure 11Pro SL, will now be launched in a elegant white, with a fresh bit of neon detailing.

You can already now order the new elegant version of the Adidas Adipure 11Pro series right here – just €141.

If you take a look at the classic Adidas Adipure 11Pro, there is no doubt that the two new colourways suit the elegant boots. It is no wonder that this is one of the boot worlds most popular boots and it is the preferred weapon of German defensive general Philip Lahm. During this years Champions League final he chose to wear the Black/High Resolution Orange/White model, so it will be interesting to see, which boot he picks next – the cool blackout version, or the fresh white and gold version.

Regardless of which one you pick, you get a boot that has been born and bred to playing elegant and classic football. It has great focus on the right touch on the ball. Hereby, you get the right touch on the ball, to give you maximal control and superiority in all the games facets.

The soft leather upper gives a delicious touch on the ball, as well as having the dampening effect, which leather provides. This all works to give an elegant feel to the boot, so you can stay in control, as long as you have the technique for it. On the mid foot of the boot, Adidas have used microfibre instead of leather, so the boot has added stability.

You can already now order the new elegant version of the Adidas Adipure 11Pro series right here – just €141.

Even though this is one of the markets most elegant and classic boots, there has still been made room for modern additions. To improve the boots lifespan, Adidas have covered the nose of the boot in their DuraCoating-technology, which helps make sure that gaps don't appear between the upper and sole.

The stud-configuration is fitted onto the familiar Sprintframe outsole, which we know from all the other Adidas silos, but the studs themselves are a little different. Instead of triangular studs, they have gone for round, conical studs, which is a more classic choice of studs. This both helps the comfort, stability and small quick turns on the pitch.

Are you however more of a pacey player, who wants a lighter boot, with more focus on speed, then the Adidas Adipure 11Pro SL, might be the boot for you. It is a boot that takes all the best features from the regular Adidas Adipure 11Pro and slims them down and optimises them for speed.

Adidas have chosen the simple yet effective way of doing so: the Germans have taken the nice upper from the AdiPure and fitted it on a lightweight boot sole. This gives an interesting hybrid of speed and elegance, which is sure to be a hit with players around the world. When this is accompanied with an elegant white, neon and silver colourway, then you get a boot, which not only feels sharp, but also looks it.

You can already now order the new elegant version of the Adidas Adipure 11Pro series right here – just €141.

The sole of the boot is identical with the one Adidas have on their speed boot, the Adizero. It is the so-called Sprintframe, which is an ultra thin TPU-sole, which gives both low weight and good springiness. To save as much weight as possible, the sole is in places just 1 mm thick, which makes it a good example of German ingenuity.

The upper of the 11Pro SL is a little different to the one on the classic 11Pro. The SL models upper is made from a soft and supple kangaroo leather, which makes up the boots front foot. This is unlike the regular 11Pro, which is made from Taurus-leather. From the mid foot and all the way to the back of the heel, Adidas have used a synthetic microfibre material, which improves stability, as well as lowering weight. The mid foot is also perforated, to save that extra weight.

Adidas have with the Adipure 11Pro SL done their best to keep the weight low and have actually pushed it down to a mere 185 grams, which rivals some of the most popular speed boots on sale right now. So if you are a fan of the combination of low weight and leather, then you can't get around the Adidas Adipure 11Pro SL.

You can already now order the new elegant version of the Adidas Adipure 11Pro series right here – just €141.

And if you like seeing how far you have run, or whether or not the SL-version has given you a little more speed, then both the 11Pro and 11Pro SL have space for the Adidas MiCoach. This let's you track all your movements and give you the full overview.

It is certainly a good time to be a boot enthusiast, as the big boot brands keep spoiling us with all these amazing new colourways, for all our favourite boots. What do you say to the Adidas Adipure 11Pro's new paintjob? Which is your favourite model of the regular 11Pro and the SL? As always we would love to hear your comments here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.